Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD + more

The Walking Dead

I wasn't crazy about a lot of this episode, so it had a few bright spots. Carol and Rick being on the same page. Drunk Abe, lots of Aaron, but since TWD fandom is one of the most dramatic, a lot of that bullshit weighs the episode down. Whatever. Carol on. 

Better Call Saul
This show really knows how to build, don't they? I can't wait for next week's episode. I love that they're getting more into Saul/Jimmy and Mike's relationship now. And that advertisement with the jello was genious

Agents of SHIELD

Raina turned into this crazy porcupine, and that makes her face more bearable for me. (She's gorgeous, but Raina is so smug)

I loved Fitz being there for Skye, at first I thought he was really angry, but him protecting her like that was wonderful. Now get him and Simmons back together in the lab please.


May is such a badass. I love her more and more with each episode.

And oh my God, Kyle McLachlan is one of the worst actors I've ever seen. Someone kill his character now.

The Last Man On Earth
Will Forte takes Tom Hanks' volleyball from Cast Away and brings it to a whole other level. He has an army of balls he talks to. This show was kind of amusing, and I would probably do some of the things he was doing if I was the last person on earth.

Bowling balls into lamps, I mean. Not cutting a hole in a diving board and using a pool as a giant toilet. 

19 Kids and Counting

My favorite part about this episode was them pretending that John David is an actual cop. He isn't. He was elected constable, so he basically does the easy stuff while the rest of the real police do the real job. Still, I guess TLC thinks this is "comedy" with Jim Bob totally disrespecting his son by not listening, buying donuts (har har har GET IT!??!!) then acting like a total douche. Then he practically whores him out by saying "he's single and not courting." What's the matter boob, not getting a lot of courtship applications?


  1. Sasha was really going through it on The Walking Dead. I think everyone is at the calm before the storm. i'm scared.

    1. Oh for sure. They're definitely going to have a reality check soon.

  2. Carol went straight psycho for real in the latest Walking Dead. Not sure how I feel about it. For the second week in a row, I feel just sort of "meh" about it all. I don't watch any of these other programs, but, since you watch 19 Kids and Counting, do you watch Bringing Up Bates? The Bates family lives about 10 miles from me. Pretty wild, though I'm not big into reality TV of that nature at all.

    1. I don't think Carol went straight up psycho. She really didn't have another choice. She tried bribing the kid with cookies first, and when that didn't work, what other choice did she have then to scare the shit out of him? I wasn't crazy about the scene either, but some are making it into such a huge deal and they wouldn't be if any other character had said it.

      I haven't seen Bringing Up Bates, but I've seen them when they've appeared on the Duggar show. They seem really wholesome, but equally as crazy as the rest of people in ATI.

  3. Wow, 19 Kids and Counting sounds like a bit of a freak show.

    1. I Googled the Duggars after visiting your blog, and the first thing I ran across was a mention of a 24-year-old daughter who might be begging her parents for permission to go to college. Apparently the girls never leave home unless it's to marry an approved suitor. :-( Either that's allegedly God;s will or they really need the unpaid nannies.

      I met a lot of far-right fundamentalist Christians when I started homeschooling. Many of them were very nice women and great to talk to, but I was horrified by their ethic of submitting to their husbands. Maybe they were equally horrified by my secular values. Normally I'm into "live and let live," but -- Holy Shit -- how can any woman, in good conscience, model and pass down that kind of thinking to her daughters?

      God help any dude who tries to boss my daughters around. They're a handful on their best days. ;-)

    2. Oh yeah, the Duggars don't believe in college because it could make their kids become to "worldly." They did let them take a few "college" classes online from a program called CollegePlus, which isn't accredited. They also recently let one of their boys go to an unaccredited bible college as well.

      Yeah, the submitting to their husbands thing is horrifying. Michelle Duggar said in an interview that women need to be available to their husbands 24/7 no matter how they feel. She said anyone can make him a sandwich, but only the wife can please him like that. But this is the same woman that blanket trains her kids (puts a baby on a blanket, and if they get off the blanket they are spanked with a rubber ruler so they learn to stay on the blanket) It's all disgusting.

      It doesn't surprise my you ran into a few of these in the home school crowd. The ATI curriculum the Duggars use is terrifying in its own right.

    3. Yes, the homeschooling community is closely wedded to fundamentalist Christianity because many families are concerned about secular values being pimped out by the school system. :-) Even now, as homeschooling is becoming more mainstream, I am occasionally asked, by people who've heard my family homeschools, whether I am a super conservative Christian. Usually only by people who've just met me. Ten minutes in my company, and hearing the stuff that comes out of my mouth, usually lays that question to rest.

      That blanket training thing is revolting. There is a whole movement within the fundamentalist Christian community (To Train Up a Child) that actively condones child abuse (from punishing babies for biting when they nurse to beating kids with rubber tubing.) It is truly vile.

    4. Yep! To Train Up a Child is what it's from. The Duggars used to schill that book on their website. The Pearls are truly awful people. Daniel Pearl wrote about how he had sex with his wife so much on their honeymoon that she passed out because she wasn't eating or sleeping enough. And he passed it off as "haha silly woman." It's disgusting.

      I speant a lot of time a recoveringgrace.org, those are people that followed the same man as the Duggars do, and it's horrifying. It freaks me out to think that the Duggars trust their daughters with this guy.

    5. Holy crap, the Duggars are followers of the Pearls? :-( This just gets worse and worse.

      The Pearls have been publicly under fire several times when a child died in the care of parents who claimed to be following their advice. I was hoping their toxic bullshit (and their book) would fall by the wayside. So sad.

      One of these days, when I'm in the mood to be infuriated, I'll check out recoveringgrade.org. :-)

    6. You should. Or freejinger.org, that forum has a ton of fundie info.

      I think there's actually three children that have died with deaths related to the Pearl's teachings. It's awful.


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