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The Walking Dead

RIP Noah. How ironic that you died in a revolving door, much like the revolving door of black men on this show. So who goes next season? Father Gabriel or Morgan? There can only be one.

I actually though Noah's death was very powerful and gory, which is something the last few deaths (aside from Tyreese) as lacked. Steven Yeun's (Glenn) performance made it 100 times more powerful too. He was just incredible here.

Carol is trying to hard not to get close to another child and they just gravitate towards her. Melissa McBride was great tonight as well, but now that she knows about Pete? I'm excited for her and Rick to be gathering more evidence on this next week. (Assuming that's what they get to do)

Eugene getting his hero moment was awesome. I love that guy. Now please let Tara survive, because I love her too!

Also Father Gabriel, you fucking weasel.


Better Call Saul
This episode was really Better Call Mike. We got insight on what happened in Pennsylvania and why he left for Albuquerque. It was fascinating and Jonathan Banks was wonderful. This was easily his Emmy submission.

Agents of SHIELD.

Another great episode that saw the return of Lady Sif from Asgard. 

Melinda May is wonderful, isn't she? Whenever she's beating someone's ass, it just makes me smile. Now I need to see her and Fitz spar.

Speaking of Fitz, Skye's secret was blown out of the water during this episode, and he was the only one defending her. Everyone else, particularly Simmons was mad that he hid it from them. But Fitz threw it back in her face and pointed out the way she treated him after his accident. Ugh. My heart.

Also what the fuck are Bobbi and Mack up to? They're not Hydra, but they're clearly working for someone else on the side. My guess is Maria Hill since she now works for Stark industries. That could play into Age of Ultron and eventually Civil War. 

19 Kids and Counting
Michelle went to her high school reunion and talked about an eating disorder she had. Her friends say they never knew about it. I still think it's something Jim Bob made up and got it stuck in her head as another way to control her. Just like the lawn mowing story. What's that you say? Well Michelle apparently used to mow her lawn in a bikini, which now is defrauding according to their standards. But the story has progressed to "Michelle's neighbor saw her in a bikini, lusted after her, and divorced his wife." This can't be true. This has to be another one of Jim Bob's controlling moves.

The rest of the episode was so boring I don't even remember what happened.

*click those gifs to be redirected to their makers*


  1. ERMAGERD, WHAT!?!?! I haven't heard that lawn mowing story. LOL! Also, am I the only one who was waiting for Michelle to condemn the CLEAR lesbian class mate to death or accuse her of lusting? That whole "remember when you saved me" moment made me so uncomfortable!

    1. Yes! Michelle actually has a sister that's a lesbian that she conveniently never mentions. lol

  2. I thought in the sneak preview for next week there was at least three graves, or maybe two, that Denna was standing over. Hopefully, one of them isn't Taras. This week had so many great moments with Carol, Glenn, Eugene, Noah, and Father Gabriel - I wished the whole cast was on the Talking Dead afterwards.

    1. Yeah, I'm assuming those are graves of previously deceased Alexandrians, unless they pull another fake out like they did in 5.9 and have them be another character's grave, in which I think it will be Pete's.

  3. ughhh i can't stand eugene or tara (who up until this moment i was calling "that other girl" lol), but i love carol's crazy and poor poor noah.

    1. Aww, I love those two! They're so sweet. Carol's still my favorite though. lol

  4. I can't resist coming here, even though I am trying so hard to avoid spoilers for shows I watch (or might watch). *LOL* I am developing an unhealthy fascination with your 19 Kids and Counting recaps. Maybe Jim Bob would like his wife to wear a burqua?

    1. He probably would, she already dresses from neck to ankles, practically. 19 Kids is like crack. You know it's terrible for you, but I can't stop.

  5. I'll admit I was actually a bit surprised with the timing of Noah's death. I guess I just figured they'd at least let him stay on for a season before it happened, but I guess this wouldn't be the first time they've added someone to the main cast only to abruptly kill them off (they basically did the exact same thing with Axel back in Season 3). Of course, what made this one worse was just how brutal it was and the fact that Glenn had to watch the whole thing while also being put in a position where he is unable to save him. He was lucky enough to have been able to save himself. I'll also agree that I hope Tara's okay, I like her. She was also the first openly gay character on the show, it would be a shame to lose the new-found sexual diversity in the cast. I've never been the biggest fan of Eugene but I think seeing him get that (admittedly brief) heroic moment and actually making himself useful is at least starting to win me over. Also, I'm hoping Francine becomes a major character, she seemed quite promising from what I saw of her on the construction site.

    As for S.H.I.E.L.D. Melinda May has certainly proved herself to be quite an interesting character, but as great as it is to see her get tough it was kinda nice seeing her more sensitive side this time. After all, out of everyone in the cast she is the one person who has personally taken it upon herself to help Skye with her... condition (even if she isn't above admitting she has no idea how she plans to do that). There is also a rather curious answer to the question of what Bobby and Mac are up to, though from the ending of that last episode I'd have to say it only raises more questions.

    1. I liked that side of her too. And Fitz and Simmons gossiping over her was cute.

      I'm going nuts trying to figure out who Bobbi and Mack are working for. I'm leaning towards Maria Hill and Tony Stark.


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