Rambling TV: Thoughts on TWD, Agents of SHIELD, Better Call Saul + more

The Walking Dead

This worked very well as a character driven episode, but not well as a finale.

I loved that Morgan came back, and characters like Glenn, Sasha, and Father Gabriel had great scenes.

I felt like there was too much of Daryl and Aaron in danger. I'm sorry, but Daryl is an invincible character, so any scene of him in danger just makes me roll my eyes. He's not going anywhere.

I have one major complaint, and it's where they are going with Carol. Anyone who has even glanced at my TWD posts know she's my favorite character and I'm fiercely protective of her. I do not understand where the writers are going with her. Why have her lie in front of her own group? What's the point of that? Why is she still undercover at this point? Why is Carol the only one that isn't allowed to grieve? Why is she the only female who doesn't have other female friends? I feel like the writers are missing a grand opportunity for Carol to get the events of The Grove off her chest. She clearly needs to, and frankly, Rick needs to know what she and Tyreese did for Judith. But I'm starting to think they'll gloss over it, and we'll never get to see her properly grieve. She's clearly hurting, yet no one in the group even bothers to ask what's on her mind. Showrunner Scott Gimple recently says he loves writing for Melissa McBride because she can handle anything, so are they giving her shit stories because she'll still turn them to gold? No. Carol needs to talk to someone. She needs a friend. She needs to get rid of those awful outfits, FFS.

Better Call Saul
This episode had spiders and dumpster diving, so it was pretty disgusting. 

But this Case Jimmy and Chuck have started is fascinating. I love those two, even though I live in fear of something bad happening to Chuck because you know something will.

Agents of SHIELD

So this "Real SHIELD" reveal was very underwhelming. No Maria Hill, no Tony Stark. Just a bunch of randoms I don't care about.

Ward was back, so of course he brought down the entire episode.

Fitz finally told off Simmons, which she needed to hear. I love these two, but they need to get this shit off their chest so they can move forward in their relationship.

This was the first episode of SHIELD that I've disliked in awhile. Hopefully it was just a one off thing.

19 Kids and Counting.

Jim Boob in his never ending feat to be "bigger and better" than every other person around him declared he must win this football game against his daughter's future husband because in the end "Ben's getting married." So because Boob can no longer hold on to Jessa's hymen, he has to assert his dominance somewhere. What an asshole. Then of course his piece of married advice is "be fruitful and multiply." There is never a single second when this pervert isn't thinking about sex.

This episode was also titled "All About Jessa" and she must have been a terrible child because the only good thing anyone could say about her is that she's "organized." Michelle wondered who would take Jessa's place when she leaves. I don't know, you? You could raise your own children for once. 


  1. That bit about Jessa's hymen is the most horrifying thing I've read all day. :-P

    1. The Duggars say that courtship is better than dating because you don't "give away pieces of your heart" Which we all know is BS because any type of relationship you technically give away a "piece of your heart" if you look at it like that. So what they really mean is hymen.

  2. hmmm i think carol is a bit of a loner, though she is very protective of her group. I think, like michonne, she may afraid to get too close to people.

    1. You could be right, and I'd love to see Michonne and Carol bond. It's criminal the lack of scenes they've had together. This show really fails to develop Michonne outside of The Grimes at times. Hopefully they get better at it.

  3. Interesting point about Carol. I wish they gave her more to work with in terms of the Grove too. They started to touch on it when she and Daryl were attempting to track Beth down but it didn't go any further than that. Part of me thinks, that like a lot of events from the past that could be delved a bit deeper, we're supposed to believe that the characters have to accept their reality and decisions in order to survive. That's one of the reasons why good-hearted characters usually die.

    1. Yes, but it's clearly taking her too far into survival mode and it bothers me that none of the group has asked her what is wrong. It's almost like Rick was the only one she talked to at the safe zone.


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