Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD + more

My week in TV, brought to you by insomnia and too much wine..

The Walking Dead

Rick completely lost his shit and he's lusting HARD over Jessie. Damn

Little Sam runs to Carol during Rick and Pete's fight, aww.

Glenn telling Nicholas he's "saving him" is interesting. I think they're going to get in one hell of a brawl, and Glenn will kill him. His first human kill, by the way.

I loved seeing the women together on this show. Rosita, Michonne and Sasha were my favorite part.

I'm so nervous for the finale though. I need Carol to survive. Seriously, take someone else but her. I will rage. RAGE!

Better Call Saul
We got to see Mike in his sneaky action again, that was grand. We also got the batshit Kettlemans back in the episode. There's only three episodes left. I'm sad already, this season flew by.

Agents of SHIELD

Okay, Kyle MacLauhlan is fucking TERRIBLE. He is so over the top and campy and not even in a good way, and omg can someone please kill this guy and get him off my screen?

FitzSimmons were breaking my heart in this episode. When they were talking about May and her ex husband (loved seeing a different side of her by the way) They were really talking about themselves. It hurts, these two need to talk everything out.

So we find out Bobbi and Mack are working for "the real SHIELD." Personally, I think it's Maria Hill and Tony Stark, but there's so many questions. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

19 Kids and Counting

Josie is officially the most disgusting kid ever and watching her like all her pizza toppings then stick them on (as she sat on the counter with dirty feet) is just awful. 

That's what happened in this episode. People made pizza and got a marriage license. RIVETING TV. JB and J'Chelle did a radio interview this week where they said they trust their daughters online because "girls don't get turned on by pictures of men with little clothing." LOL I hope both Jana and Jinger have a spank bank full of pictures of Abercrombie models. They also had to take away smart phone from their sons because of temptations of looking at pictures, so they get flip phones of shame.


  1. Do you think it's going to be Carol? I think the fan backlash would be epic if she goes and it would make the show loose a very prominent and strong female character that the group, not to mention the fans, really need!
    I think it's going to be the black chick.. which would mark 3 black deaths in one season.. so maybe it won't be her, my god, I don't care for her at all and if she lives over Carol, fml!

    1. I felt really good about Carol until they announced Melissa McBride as a guest on Talking Dead. Now I'm freaking out. She has so much story left to tell and she's far more interesting than all the other characters on this show. She needs to stay.

  2. I wish I watched more TV...but we'll always have The Duggars! LOL...every time I think "they couldn't be more warped" they open their mouths again.

    I'm mostly straight, and even I get turned on by guys wearing little clothing.

    1. Right? Apparently they have never seen people like Chris Evans or Michael Fassbender shirtless if they think women don't get turned on by images.

      I want to mail a punch of dick pics to their house.

    2. I still haven't gotten over the one time Idris Elba took off his shirt in Luther.

    3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Idris Elba. Literally one of the hottest guys on the planet.

  3. Your "spank bank" comment and Andrew's "mostly straight" remark are two of the best things I've read all week. :-) I couldn't love you guys more.

  4. Glenn's about to go medieval on that man's ass

  5. It better not be Daryl who dies ... ughhh... so many deaths this season. Nuts! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jj-colagrande/walking-dead-season-five-_b_6920946.html

    1. Daryl is NOT going to die. He, Rick, Carl, and Michonne are invincible. I never worry about them.

  6. Awesome point about Glenn! It's interesting how one of the huge topics about the show is killing humans to survive and how that breaks or makes people. And, Glenn, (also perhaps Maggie) have gotten away with it.

    1. Maggie has actually killed a lot of people. She took out quite a few when they swarmed Woodbury in S3.

      But Glenn always avoiding it has been so important for his character, but I think it's time now.


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