Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agent Carter + more

I forgot to do this last week because I was in Oscar mode. So here are my jumbled TV thoughts for the past two weeks

The Walking Dead

So the group finally ends up at the Alexandria Safe Zone. Here are some things I love:

Carol is a genius. Acting like she's a meek little housewife, can't hold a gun, and loved Ed. LOL She's the group's secret weapon for sure.

Rick saying they'll take this place if the people are weak. And that shower scene! Why isn't this show on HBO?

Glenn punching douchebags. 

These last few episodes have really picked up after that awful hospital story.

Agent Carter

Please, please, PLEASE renew this for season 2. This show is so intense for something on ABC. They blew someone up last week and ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. 

Then there's the fact that Peggy let Steve's blood go. That's the perfect way to show that this show can exist without dropping Captain America references. Peggy is strong enough to have her own story.

19 Kids and Counting
I know no one except Fisti cares about my Duggar obsession, but you seriously have to watch these people! It's such a train wreck. They're like poison. Then of course there's Jessa telling all of us liberal Christians that we're going to hell on Instagram. This is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Better Call Saul
Does anyone else want to punch this family in the face? I do. 

Also that billboard scene, I'm not afraid of heights, but that scene scared the shit out of me. I couldn't even watch. 

And here's some random Carick, because fuck you, that's why


  1. Is Better Call Saul good? I got really bored by the end of the pilot and haven't watched it any further. Should I?

    Agent Carter seems awesome, even if 'Peggy let Steve's blood go' sounds just super weird lol.

    1. Better Call Saul is great. Breaking Bad was my favorite show ever, so having this still feels nice.

      I guess I could've elaborated on the blood. Howard Stark kept a vile of it for scientific purposes and Jarvis gave it to Peggy at the end. They could've done something great with it, but it could fall into the wrong hands and become a weapon, so she dumps it into a river so no one else can try.

  2. I felt that Gilligan and his writers knew that the audience would know the up and up with the billboard sign. But they just let it play out and it ended up being a really thrilling scene. Also, that ending is such a mix of emotions.

    1. Oh for sure. One of things I've always liked about Gilligan is he doesn't treat his audience like they're stupid. He gives us little nods here and there, and like you said, even though everyone knew what was happening with that scene, he still played it out brilliantly.

  3. Your commentary on 19 Kids and Counting is hilarious. I don't know whether I find this particular patriarchal brand of religion humorous, infuriating, or scary. Mostly scary, because with certain families procreating at this rate, I can't imagine what society will look like in future generations.

    Why is Jessa telling liberal Christians they're going to Hell ... on Instagram of all places? By "liberal" Christians, do you mean not crazy? :-)

    As an aside, I am open to the existence of God and an afterlife, but I have never believed in Hell. Hey, if the pope doesn't even buy into it any more, what gives? :-) But I was telling my kids the other day that for some self-professed "Christians," believing that other people are going to suffer in Hell is their greatest satisfaction and delight.

    Is Better Call Saul good? I am looking forward to it coming to streaming.

    1. Better Call Saul is excellent.

      Christian Patriarchy as a whole is very scary, but I'm kind of fascinated by it. I think my main reason for watching 19 Kids is that I want one of the kids to escape and write a tell all book. I've read so many blog posts from people who grew up this way, then left as adults and how hard it was for them. It's just bizarre.

      Liberal Christians to Jessa are basically Christians that aren't hateful bigots. lol I'm in a weird place spiritually. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I think he died for our sins, but organized religion as a whole juts rubs me the wrong way now. Especially the ones trying to take rights from others. I read an interesting comment about Hell the other day - Why would Satan punish those who don't believe in his enemy for all eternity? Wouldn't he welcome them?

      Clearly I have a lot I need to figure out spiritually. lol

    2. I don't think that being a Christian and *not* being part of organized religion are incompatible at all. I am no expert on religion, to be sure -- I'm one of those "spiritual not religious" people. *LOL* But I figure a Christian can be defined as someone holding many of the basic beliefs and trying to follow Christ's example. As I understand it, the prime directive is to love your neighbor as yourself and not judge people. So by my definition, Jess and her group are *out.* Of course, I'm not going to Instagram to tell them so. :-P

      I find the whole fundamentalist/patriarchal thing interesting, too -- I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just because I'm fascinated by all human behavior that I don't understand. I have a friend who has been interviewing women who left this movement because she's writing a play. What they've been through sounds incredibly difficult to me.

    3. That's fascinating (and a play I would watch!) There's quite a few blogs out there from women and a few men who have left. I feel terrible for children that grow up in this movement. They really don't have childhoods.

  4. Agent Carter should get a 2nd season. It's so good as I just love those characters. Even Thompson who is a dick but a nice one. I hope Angie becomes a regular as I had fun watching Lyndsy Fonesca in that role.

    1. I hope so too, I really like Angie. It seems like it's chances for getting picked up are good.

  5. lol Carol in a cardigan will forever me cemented in my brain

    1. She rocks whatever she wears. :) But yeah, that outfit needs to go.

  6. Couldn't agree more about TWD - that hospital storyline left my interest flagging a little but damn it, the show really knows how to reel you back in huh? :)

    1. It does. I'm not sure how that even happens, this show isn't exactly ground breaking. lol

  7. Love your Walking Dead commentary! I'm not gonna lie, I had so many feelings towards Rick shaving his beard with Season 1 flashbacks of Officer Friendly and how far he's come...Carol was so amazing. Someone besides Rick had to be skeptic, and it's wonderful that she is making preparations. I just hope it doesn't catch up with her since all of their interviews were taped and probably analyzed again and again.


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