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Game of Thrones

Mereen - Poor Jorah gets sent packing again. Just take him back, Dany. ffs. 
She and Tyrion chat, he takes her down a peg which is nice. Was this the moment everyone has been waiting for? For them to meet and talk?

Braavos - Arya gets her "Cat of the Canals" disguise, only they don't call her Cat much to my pisstivity. I suppose they thought the general audience was too dumb to see another "Cat" in this show.

Winterfell - Can we talk about the way this scene was cut? With Theon opening the door and seeing Sansa, dressed up, hair done, staring straight at him. That was hysterical to me. Sophie and Alfie are such fine actors and they were amazing in this scene. Theon tells Sansa that Bran and Rickon are really alive. This seems to give Sansa something more to fight for.

Meanwhile, Ramsay disagrees with Roose's seriously legit plan and will probably (hopefully) fuck something up. And by "fuck something up" I mean getting stabbed by Stannis, hopefully.

King's Landing - Cersei is getting smacked by the evil Philomena nun for not confessing. Qyburn comes in to tell her a shit load of bad news like Tommen being depressed and her uncle Kevan coming back. He also says no word from Jaime (please let me get the letter burning scene!) Then he creepily tells her his work is going smoothly.

Castle Black - Sam talks some sense into Olly, or at least I hope he does. No mention of Old Town yet. The fuck are they waiting for?

Hardhome - This whole sequence was absolutely brilliant. Hardhome is only mentioned in the books, so I had no idea what was actually going to go down here. We got some awesome banter, The Lord of Bones getting stomped by Tormund after about 30 seconds. Wun Wun! And replacement Val who didn't live every long, unfortunately. But the main thing was The Others. The Wights attacked Hardhome. Jon fights one of the White Walkers and kills it with his Valyrian steel blade (They used dragon glass to make that steel) Edd has the dragon glass one minute then apparently loses it the next, but they escape only for the Knight King to give everyone the most terrifying "come at me bro" face ever, and raises all the dead the Wights just killed as White Walkers.

And those kid Wights were fucking creepy.

Wow. Now what are they going to do in the next two episodes? I think they used all of their budget here. 


Can Dan and Amy just go back to working in the White House? I loved seeing them with Gary this week.

Also Selina's coughing, yelling, and pointing was way funnier than it should have been.

"I can't believe you found your way out of your own mother's vagina"

"You human fucking fanny pack"

“Your support will shrink faster than a penis in the December Hudson”

"Go get me some soup."

19 Kids and Counting
So get this. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, child molester protectors, are going to be appearing on Fox News (because of course) to "share their hearts" about the scandal. It will probably be about how the girls have "forgiven" Josh and how they're being persecuted because their Christians, and this brought them SO close to God. I refuse to watch Fox News, so maybe I'll find a clip somewhere and watch later, but what a fucking joke. Can't an actual journalist interview them and ask them legit questions like the ones WTF Fundie Familes graciously laid out? 


  1. VEEP, I need to see this show so much! When the dust settles this summer with our house hunting, I'm hoping to get HBOGo or something to watch this series. FINALLY.

    1. You'll love it and the episodes are so short, it's easy to catch up.

  2. I just finished Season 4 of GoT -- it'll be a while before we get a crack at Season 5. They are moving through the book series at a fast clip -- are they going to run out of material?

    Ah, the Duggars. *Sigh* I get so tired of hearing American Christians (it's always fundamentalists) complaining about "persecution." They should take a look at the world around them. In many cultures people truly are suffering for their cultural identity or their beliefs.

    1. They do. "Persecution" and "liberal media." They're just angry everything isn't about their religion because church and state are (and should be) separate.

      They are catching up to the books, and they've already added some stuff and changed other things. Some of it interesting, some of it ridiculous lol

  3. Did he raise them as WW? Not as Wights? I thought the baby last season was turned into WW but the dead being raised just come back as wights....I'm so confused! :lol:

    1. I hate that the show called the White Walkers and not "Others" because it makes it even more confusing for me.I think they were raised as Wights? But the blue eyes threw me off because the Wights don't have those, right?

      omg. lol


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