Rambling TV: Thoughts on Game of Thrones, and Game of Duggar Excuses + more

Game of Excuses

The Duggars interview on Fox News aired this week, and like everyone predicted, it went terribly. Jim Bob and Michelle tried to white wash the whole thing. I copied down some of most outrageous excuses they made so that you can lose faith in humanity right along with me. They will be bold, my thoughts will be in italics.

"It was over the clothes" because that makes it less of a crime

"There were some under the clothes, but only like, for a few seconds" because child molesting is protected under the five second rule. Like when you drop your food on the floor.

"It wasn't rape or anything like that" Well thank god, it was JUST child molestation and incest. 

"Parents are not mandatory reporters" But parents are supposed to be parents and report crimes. Technically clergy are mandatory reporters, but home churchs must not qualify. Silly me.
"We needed to focus on his heart" You need to focus on your daughters

"Josh and the girls saw an professional, accredited therapist" Accredited by who? Bill Gothard. I caught that you didn't say "licensed."

"They were too young to know" You talk about sex, purity, and baby making so much, I think they get the picture.
"They were sleeping, they didn't know" jfc.

"We know other families that have went through similiar issues" You know there's something wrong with the cult you belong to when..

"We set up safeguards. Little ones don't sit on big boys' laps. Boys don't babysit, don't play hide and seek and two go off alone." Great, so treat all boys like potential pedophiles
"The big thing is protecting juveniles' records. We want to be an advocate for protecting juveniles' records" So you can what, help other families hide dirty little secrets? The records were obtained legally.

"There's an agenda, there's people who are purposing to bring things out to hurt and slander us." You mean, an agenda like complying with the Freedom of Information Act?

"They didn't understand it was an improper touch." Except for when they described it as such in the police report, and you know, ran to you crying when it happened.

"I dont know if the rest of our family should be punished for the act of one of our children 12 years ago." What he means is KEEP MY SHOW ON THE AIR!

"We still love Josh and we love the other ones." The other ones. HA
 "they’ve been victimized more by what has happened in these last couple weeks than they were 12 years ago because they honestly – - they didn’t even understand or know that anything had happened until after the fact when they were told about it." Actually, no. Remember how you basically outed one of the victims when you had them file a petition to get the records destroyed? The Media isn't sexually assaulting your daughters right now, Your son already did that.

Then for the Friday night edition with Jill (who starts off the interview by having to think really hard about how old she is now) and Jessa

Jill: "They can't do this, we're victims" (referring to the media releasing a redacted police report) Well, technically the media isn't victimizing you. Your parents did that by not protecting you and covering up a crime. Your brother did that by molesting you. The media are the only ones that would probably get you help to work through your brain washing and obvious ignorance.

Jessa: “I’m like, that is so overboard and a lie really. I mean, people get mad at me for saying that, but I can say this because I was one of the victims.” You can't call yourself a victim if you refuse to call your brother a child molester.  

Jessa:  "In Josh's case he was a young boy in puberty, a little too curious about girls and that got him into some trouble and he made some bad choices but really the extent of it was mild inappropriate touching on fully clothed victims while they were sleeping." Except for the other two that were awake, that with you coming forward confirms that Jinger was molested in the laundry room (and broke down during her police interview) and Joy was the one on Josh's lap reading a story. (though that was always clear)

Jessa:  "No, I think we're different than most girls in that he was subtle. He knew in his mind his actions are wrong but he was very sly. The girls didnt catch on. If you catch them sleeping its like a quick feel or like you know if youre just not really aware. They weren't awake and not aware. It was very subtle." You know what's not a compliment? Describing a pedophile as "subtle" 

Jessa also used new buzzwords she learned from all the criticism. The therapist they saw is now "licensed" (yeah, right.) And she mentioned the FOIA and said that they cannot release juvenile records. Though a literal quick visit to their website shows you they CAN if no one is prosecuted. So had Jim Bob and Michelle brought Josh to the authorities and got Josh court sentenced counselling, those records would be sealed and I wouldn't be bitching about this on my blog.

Jessa also pointed out the parents company of In Touch Weekly "does pornography" (Google says they do a soap opera magazine, but fuck me, right?) and maybe they're used to making objects out of women. You mean like patriarchy?

In conclusion, the Duggars are more worried about the fact that someone leaked their police report than they are over the fact that their son is a child molester. Their children are clearly showing signs of Stockholm Syndrom because of how they were raised in this patriarchy world. Their number one priority right now is saving the show, not making sure the daughters have any lasting effects.

Game of Thrones

The Wall - Quit your bitching, Olly you little fuck. 

Dorne - Unless we get the "fire and blood" speech in the next episode, what the fuck was the point of Dorne? It accomplished nothing but making my eyes roll back into my head. Doran and Areo are very interesting characters, but the show barely gave them any notice.

Braavos - So on top of Meryn Trant being a total cunt, he's also a pedophile. Please kill him now, Arya.

The North - Now this is the most offensive thing Thrones has ever done. All those bonding moments between Stannis and Shireen? Yep, they were there to make us all feel worse about this scene, which involves Stannis actually letting Shireen burn at the stake. (After he conveniently sends Davos back to Castle Black, and denies his request to take Shireen with him.) D&D never liked Stannis, that was always clear. But having him okay her burning is the worst thing they've ever done. Having Melisandre and Selyse do it behind his back would've made more sense. But nope, he watched her burn as she screamed bloody murder and clutched a toy Davos made for her. Awful.

Mereen - The prior scene with Shireen killed my lady boner for Daznak's. Sure, we got some great Tyrion banter, good acting from Emilia Clarke, Dany FINALLY forgiving Jorah, and Drogon torching mother fuckers. But I couldn't even be that excited for it. Plus, CGI Dany flying Drogon was terrible, but I always knew it would be on a TV show.


At lease this show made me laugh this week. From Jonah calling Dan a "Solid 5 1/2, weak 6" to the reading of the "Jonad files." It was so amusing how all these people threw each other under the bus in this episode. I needed that laugh.


  1. I only followed the Duggars incident via your tweets and recaps (I don't watch the show) but they should just stop defending the son. They already admitted to the charges and "prettifying" it won't make it less wrong. I get that they're parents but they should be thinking of the better good for the family. Reporting their son won't make them less of being a parent but when they're trying to play down something completely wrong, it's sick.

    I haven't seen the new Thrones episode but I saw gifs of the Shireen scene. :( I haven't read the books but this show is making Stannis to be an awful person and Melisandre should just go away.

    1. The irony being had they reported it right away and he had been sentenced, these records would be sealed.

      That was the hardest scene I've ever had to watch on this show. Hands down.

  2. I imagine Lady Sati is going to be pretty upset about this week's episode, considering that she's proven herself to be a huge Stannis fan. That was pretty shocking, I'll confess. Just when I was finally starting to warm up to Stannis and develop some form of respect for him as a leader he goes and allows his own daughter to be burned at the stake. That was pretty messed up.

    I think I might be starting to reconsider what I've said before about him being the best hope for Sansa. I thought before that since his brother was one of the few people on good terms with the Starks the best chance for Sansa would be if she ended up with him but after seeing what he did I'm not so sure. Maybe it would be better if Brienne of Tarth just stormed Winterfell and rescued Sansa. Come on, Brienne. What are you waiting for?

    1. It's frustrating for any Stannis fan. The show never painted him in a positive light, despite him actually being the person that is best fit to rule Westeros. It seemed like they were finally turning it around, but nope. Now they do this.

  3. I haven't started Season 5 yet, but after reading the spoiler about Shireen, I am THIS CLOSE to be done with Game of Thrones. :-( Yes, after reading the all books and following the series thus far.

    I have always loved the darkness and moral ambiguity of ASoIaF and GoT, but it's going from "moral ambiguity" to "every single person in Westeros is an irredeemable psychotic asshole."

    I don't have much to say about the Duggars. Sadly I've seen it before, uber-conservative "Christian" family with patriarchal values ... son becomes a molester. :-(

    "Accredited by who? Bill Gothard. I caught that you didn't say 'licensed.' " ... True. Because any licensed therapist would call the Duggars out on how freaking sick they all are, and they don't want to hear it.

    1. Exactly, the fact that Jim Bob is like "We talked with other families that have gone through this." And Jill through out a figure of 2/3 of families dealing with incest/molestation tells you something is wrong with your cult.

  4. At least I've seen Veep and will probalby see more at some point in the future. I'm so not motivated by TV. I only watch it at work.

    1. TV is in a really good place right now and has been for the past 5 years or so. I've been enjoying it.

  5. Oh

    First, the parent's interview was just embarrassing to watch. They came off as two wholly self indulgent, hypocritical fools and their status as TERRIBLE PARENTS has been cemented. The amount of backtalk and sugarcoating going on is mind-blowing, and every time they turned a question concerning to girls into a chance to 'praise Josh for coming forward', I wanted to puke.

    And Jim Bob's whole response to the question about whether or not they felt guilty for having exposed the girls to ongoing abuse was atrocious.

    That whole, if one person can learn that God forgave my son approach was NOT the way to go.


    The interview with the girls was less embarrassing and more outright sad. It felt so much like a coached performance to clear their parent's names. The way they repeated OVER and OVER...TO DEATH that their parents were praised for doing everything right, even when that wasn't a direct answer to the question, was just painful. They didn't really do or say anything other than say that everything was a lie and their parent's were saints and Josh wasn't sick.

    And I've said this before and I'll say this again, I don't think Josh is a terrible person...I think he was a sick boy who was denied the help he needed. His PARENTS are terrible.

    UGH...I have more to say but I have to go...I'll be back!

    1. Well, I still think Josh is a terrible person. lol Anyone working for the Family Research Council is. But I agree that he was a sick teen who was denied proper help.

      The girls' performances screamed coaching. The buzzwords, the fact that they said DHS praised their parents (then why did Josh sue the DHS afterwards?) And when they said they felt more victimized by the media now then they did when they were being molested, no. They probably believe that, but they don't realize that THEY outed themselves in this interview. Jessa was always pretty clear as a victim but Jill and Jana were the toss ups. They did this to themselves.

      And another thing that annoyed me greatly. Jinger is my favorite. She always has been, and lately she seemed so emotionally fragile on the show, especially during Jessa's wedding. Jill and Jessa coming forward as the sleeping victims outs Jinger as the laundry room one. So them saying "We didn't know, we were alseep, it wasn't that bad, the awake ones didn't understand" has to hurt her. Clearly from that police report she DID understand that what happened was wrong. They threw her under the bus and diminished her feelings.

    2. LOL, I think they're all terrible, but I was merely speaking from about this solitary situation. Like, what he did was terrible...but he was a minor himself and so he really needed help that he never got.

      I don't like getting into real personal things, but I have a relative who, when he was 12, molested my niece (who was 3) and his parents were so adamant that he didn't do anything that they denied it to the bone and he never got help. Now he's 16 and he's a good kid, but he never got help and I fear for him. I love him, have since he was born...we were very close, but I'm angered at how his parents handled this. No one was calling him a monster, they were just trying to get him help.


      Enough about Josh :-P

      I have to say, the whole "this media outing hurts us more", while inaccurate (because, the molestation will always haunt them whether they are allowed to think that way or not) has a ring of truth to it, mostly because of the way their parents are handling this. By forcing the kids to fudge the truth and by adamantly sugarcoating everything, the parents are making this so much worse and are bringing so much more scrutiny on their family.

      We like to poke at this family because, let's face it, they're freaks, but the way that this has become such a thing is hurtful to the innocent parties because it throws their names in the media in a very embarrassing light. While so much of what they said seemed coached, Jill's breakdown I believed. I do believe that she panicked when this came out and that she called Josh and that she was ashamed and hurt by all of this. They are still victims. Brainwashed, for sure, but victims. They can't really help what their parents have done to them.

      I hate Jim Bob and J'chelle. They are fucking atrocious. I fear that the older children are too much a part of this now to ever really get help. They're already married off to people who are part of that brainwashing bubble (well, Ben doesn't have a brain to wash), but I really hope that the rest of the Duggar clan gets placed in foster care. It's the only way to break this cycle.

    3. Kids need professional help in those situations. What really annoyed me about Jim Bob is he said he talked to someone who worked in a professional facility and that they just teach you how to reoffend and the turnover rate is low. NO, just no. The one I work at has a wing for sex abusers too (though it's not where I personally work) Their re-offend rate is very low. It bothered me that that idiot is spreading information like that.

      I don't doubt that the girls feel this is worse because they've been trained since birth that women are lesser than men. I just wonder how much the parents made it seem like it was *their* fault. All the ATI material about sex abuse has "girls not dressing modestly enough" as a cause for sexual abuse (wtf!)

  6. You lnow there's something wrong with the cult you belong to when...

    That sums up the Duggars mess nicely.

  7. I still can't believe they did that. It's an assassination of Stannis' character and appears to have been done for shock value...hence the build up. Like you said, they've never liked Stannis. He's not young, or, blonde, and doesn't have boobs. I haven't watched Thrones since ep 1 this season and I don't plan on picking it back up. I saw this quote by Tyrion that I think is appropriate...“There’s always been enough death in the world for my taste: I can do without it in my leisure time.” Bye Bye thrones.

    1. lol. I won't quit Thrones because I still do love the show, it's just frustrating as a book reader to see D&D play favorites. Having Stannis burn his only heir is stupid.

  8. I just cannot believe they did it with Stannis but I what believe even less is that there are people in the fandom still rooting for him.


    1. It's probably out of love for his book character, tbh. That's thw only part I have trouble with because I pictured Dillane when I read Stannis.


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