Rambling TV: Thoughts on True Detective, OITNB + more

True Detective

Apparently everyone in this episode has gone to the Rick Grimes School of Eye Fucking. There is so much to think about here.

Frank getting his hands dirty for Ray and becoming more desperate.

What's up with Ani's bondage obsession? And I NEED to know more about this cult she was in. I loved those scenes with Ani and Ray in the car. Calling smoking an e-cig the equivalent to sucking a robot's cock. LOL

What's the deal with Paul? What happened to this guy? He's obviously been through some traumatic shit, and his mom is going full Norma Bates creep on him. On top of all this, I'm wondering if he's perhaps in the closet? 

Also ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww to that autopsy scene.

About that ending with Ray? Is he dead? Alive? Would this should really use Farrell for only two episodes? I'm leaning towards alive. They didn't make anything definite in the preview for the next episode. (Not like Game of Thrones showing Selmy's funeral)

Orange is the new Black (episodes 3.2/3.3)
So last week I complained about Piper's lying, and in episode 2, both Red and Alex found out about said lies. I'm glad to get that out of the way, but it didn't help that Piper and Alex's scenes were still endlessly boring when they were alone. They only shine when they're with the rest of the cast.

Let's talk about Natasha Lyonne in episode 3. WOW. What a performance she gave. That was a tough episode for Nikki, who's now on her way to Max, but damn Lyonne killed it. 

Daredevil (episodes 1.3/1.4)

I'm being slow as hell watching this show despite the fact that it's very good and I love Charlie Cox. But holy shit the ending to 1.3. I wish more Marvel movies would go there because that was brutal. 

19 Kids and Counting
No, don't worry. Pedo cover ups and their quiver full of ignorant children are not back on the air. But they are back in the news and you know I can't take my eyes off this train wreck. Jill and Derick announced that they are going somewhere over seas to be "missionaries" (I put that in quotations because we know their missions are more about trying to convert people and handing out lollipops then actually trying to make life better for them.) Jill's the one that said poverty is caused by people having faith in the world and not in Jesus Christ. So what exactly are they going to do to help when they have a newborn baby? Jill was a student midwife whose instructor lost her teaching license, so she's nothing. Plus, she'll probably be pregnant again shortly. Derick just had surgery on his mouth and has braces on his teeth. You'd think he would wait until all of that is removed before leaving. And in true Duggar fashion, they're asking for donations to sponsor this trip. Why use any of their own millions? Missionaries are great when they put in time and resources to help, but the Duggar's missions have never been about that. They're about telling other people to adopt their own religion. To put it bluntly, Derick is now drowning in the fundie Koolaid, (he quit his job at Walmart to do this) and Jill is dumb and has a baby she can't even put in a sling properly. What good exactly are they going to do?

Oh hey, and in honor of those hateful Duggars


  1. Loved this episode of True Detective. They've got that whole creepy vibe going and Vince Vaughn seems to be handling his character pretty well for now.
    As for the ending, I highly doubt that Farrell is dead since HBO have shown him in a number of different previews, including one in which he is wearing a 'POLICE' vest.
    I do think that everyone on this show has gone to the Rick Grimes School of Eye Fucking both figuratively and literally.

    1. lol The Rick Grimes School of Eye Fucking is the best place to learn!

  2. HOW DID I MISS THIS?!?!!?

    LOL, missionaries? I'm sorry, I just choked on my whiskey reading 'Wal-Mart'! I swear, these Duggars never get old. I mean...like...they are AWFUL people, but I want their show to stay on the air so I have something to hate-watch.

    1. I get the feeling. This upcoming possible lawsuit being thrown there way, the schadenfreude is strong with this one.


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