Rambling TV: Thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead, Daredevil + more

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, but I wasn't watching many shows simultaneously and I only really write in depth about The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. But, I manged to finish a few series and start a new one, so I have some rambling to do.

True Detective

It's been a few weeks since season 2 wrapped up. I still think this season got way more shit than it deserved. It wasn't as good as season 1, but it was still solid, and I hope they do a third season. I never thought I was going to be sad about Taylor Kitsch's character dying at the beginning of the season, but man I was. That was so sad.

I'm also sad about Ray. Literally nothing good happened to him. Though his super sperm worked on Ani so at least there's another little Ray to live on. (Seriously, the UST between those two. I'm glad they hooked up.)


This was another show I finally finished up. The last few episodes were the strongest of the entire season. Great pacing and story telling. I'm looking forward to next season. But the biggest question I have...do I like Claire and Matt or Karen and Matt? I'm leaning more towards Claire. 

A side note about Daredevil - one of my friends complained about this show because "he gets his ass kicked too much." What the fuck do you expect? Matt's blind. That's going to happen. 

Fear The Walking Dead

So far, I'm liking this. It's a slow burn, but an interesting perspective to see what happened before the world went into the total apocalypse. I hope they put that off for as long as they can, otherwise it will just be a rehash of The Walking Dead. Maddie needs to tell her daughter what the fuck is going on though, or else her teenage stupidity is going to get her killed.

Frank Dillane is killing it though. There's some serious talent in that family.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day At Camp.

This show is so off the wall ridiculous. That's all that can really be said. It's hilarious. 


  1. I haven't got around to True Detective yet, not even season 1 :( But heck yeah on Daredevil!! It's such a terrific series, I had doubts w/ Charlie Cox casting initially but boy he turns out to be fantastic. Can't wait for season 2!

    1. I love Charlie Cox, he was so great in Boardwalk Empire that I was always pretty psyched about his casting. You should really check out True Detective. It's a wonderful series!

  2. I didn't know how to feel about Fear the Walking Dead before it aired, but it's been doing really well so far. Frank Dillane is AH-MAZING. I hope he doesn't get killed off right away. And, YES, his sister needs to be told what's going on. They are teenagers, yes they could use with some protection, but they and can handle it well enough. They are living through it, so they are going to find out eventually. Carl is much younger and look at everything he's had to go through.

    1. I have a feeling she's going to die because no one is explaining anything to her.

  3. Wet Hot American Summer is pretty hilarious which is quite surprising because the movie was anything but that. Really funny to see guys like Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd playing teenagers

    1. I like how they're completely ignoring that everyone looks so different on the "first day of camp" vs the last one.

  4. Oh God, and here I am still not having finished Daredevil :/

  5. I'm hoping it gets better. To a certain extent I like the slow burn, but I think the show's focus on one family was a mistake. I really wish they would have included more main characters. The guy who played his drug dealer was a great actor. He should have gotten more screentime. I also hope they focus on the deterioation of society instead of just going out into the desert fighting zombies. That would suck.

    I almost wish they would have stolen from the first 5 minutes of the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake where the man from the CDC is like "we don't know" and the sheriff of that one time is on camera (I think he's a 70's horror actor) that "you need to shoot them in the head. See that lady, that lady is my neighbor....we got a twitcher."

    1. I think the show will focus on society crumbling. I have a feeling these people won't make it to the desert for awhile.


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