Rambling TV: Thought on Agent Carter and The X Files

Agent Carter

This episode had a lot of tongue-in-cheek moments. Peggy remarks to Howard that no one will watch a movie based on a comic book. We begin to see the start of security system Jarvis, and Jarvis himself remarks that he has no interest in spending his eternity as a voice.

I liked this episode a lot. We saw the return of Howard, and he helps bring Dr. Wilkes back to "life" so to speak. Something happened to him in the explosion, he's no longer himself. Howard had to spray a chemical on him to get him visible and even now he cannot be touched. Things go right through him. It's interesting and I'm glad he's back.

Agent Thompson is back in major dick mode. It's kind of annoying because his character was a lot more interesting when he was being more sympathetic last season. I suppose the show needs him to be a pain in the ass, but I wasn't crazy about it. Though Peggy calling him a coward to his face was awesome.

The X Files

This episode was a step up from the last. It brought in a bit of gore, which I always like. My favorite episode of the X Files was always "Home" because it was so creepy. I like when the show attempts to get to that level.

We also saw many visions of what life could've been with William. If part of the series had to do with finding him, I wouldn't complain.

Two more weeks and The Walking Dead (which judging by interviews and filming spoilers, I might go back to hate watching again) and Better Call Saul return. 

Did you watch any of these shows? What do you think?

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  1. That episode of Agent Carter ruled as it sort of made fun of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is doing. Anything involving Howard Stark is gold and yes, Agent Thompson is still a dick. I'm waiting to see Carter going womano a womano on Whitney Frost.

    1. I'm sure she will, and I think she'll beat her ass. I can't wait. lol

  2. Uh oh, what's going on with Walking Dead? I don't read the spoilers but...I'm scared to know what happens.
    Last weeks' X-Files was really good. This week's is really funny. Hope you enjoy it!

    1. I'm just getting even more annoyed with the writing and the over hyping. Hopefully it's better than I think it will be. But I'm not looking forward to 6B anymore.

    2. Oh, goodness. Is the writing going to be that bad? I don't mind the overhyping, but if the shows aren't worth it...

    3. The more I read, the more I worry my favorites won't get great stories. Plus there's more bottle episodes coming and I'm so over that.


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