Rambling TV: Thoughts on TWD, Agent Carter, Vinyl and The X Files

Agent Carter

This was the episode that showed even Peggy Carter isn't invincible. After Whitney was one step ahead of them the entire way, Peggy engages her in a fight and ends up being knocked off a platform and impaled on a pole. She's okay, it didn't hit anything vital. Sousa's fiancee stitched her up then realized that Sousa still has feelings for Peggy. That's actually not the way I expected their relationship to start showing cracks, I figured she'd die. I watch too many dramas.

This was a very strong comedic episode, mostly coming from Jarvis. The big moment at the end was Dr. Wilkes disappearing. (Damn it, there goes my eye candy again)

Dottie comes back next week. That should be interesting. I'm still surprised with how little we've seen of Thompson this season, I expect he's got to be making a come back soon.

The X Files

This episode has a nice classic horror movie vibe, which I loved. It also showed the death of Scully's mother (who I could've sworn died already but clearly I was wrong there) It was a nice emotional episode for Gillian Anderson. My only gripe is compared to the other episodes that aired, this one wasn't that memorable. 

The Walking Dead

*sigh* This episode (which really should've been part of a 90 minute mid season finale) had so many flaws. I was watching you all tweet along and enjoy it, but I couldn't.

I did like everyone joining in to fight at the end. I liked Carol telling Morgan "you saved him for you, not us" in regards to this god awful story between them with the wolf. I like that Carl did lose his eye because that's going to be a great story for him moving forward.

But I hated the direction. Nicotero should stick with special effects. The entire "chop" scene was done terrible. Same and Jessie consumed off screen, Carl couldn't pry his hand away from the dying Jessie why? She was passed out at that point. And the shots of happy Jessie juxtaposed with a red filter looked like they came out of a cheap horror movie. The thing I hated the most was Carol's voice over in Sam's head. I feel like they are trying to make Carol look bad when in reality, Jessie should've made Sam go with Gabriel in the first place.  Her shit parenting strikes again. But I don't like Gimple's stance on edgy Carol.  I feel like he went out of his way to make her look bad when everyone else (except Jessie) didn't, and that bothers me as Carol is my favorite character. It was unnecessary, and I'm almost dreading what he has in store for her in the future since he seems to be completely taking away her agency.

Hello hate watching, my old friend. At least there's wine.

On the bright side, at least Carl is finally going to get a story line.


Fucking hell, that one scene was brutal. This show definitely has my interest. The ending was so sad. It was beautifully directed and shot. I love Bobby Canavale and Juno Temple. I do think two hours was a little much. Some shows aren't meant to be binged. Boardwalk Empire wasn't like that either. 

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  1. I never wanted to be related to either Fox or Scully because all their families and friends die

  2. The Best Part of Agent Carter last week was that little ode to Reservoir Dogs w/ Peggy, Sousa, Jarvis, Rose, and that professor. That was cool and Rose, please let her be a regular character. She's awesome. Peggy vs. Dottie vs. Whitney..... *faints happily*

    1. Every time Dottie is on screen, I expect her to try to make out with Peggy. She plays her as if she has this intense infatuation with Peggy. lol

    2. Dottie making out with Peggy..... *SPLOOGE*

  3. I loved this episode of The Walking Dead - special effects with the flashbacks and all. I didn't like Carol's voice-over but I don't think they were solely saying she was to blame. Jessie's lack of parenting definitely played a role too. Sam should've gone with Gabriel. It'd been cool if he had survived and see what would've happened with him being the only surviving member, etc.

    1. Oh Jessie and Pete are absolutely 100% to blame for sheltering him, I just don't like the insinuation that Carol is part of it. It was cheap and it felt so forced.


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