Rambling TV: Thoughts on Agent Carter, X Files, and American Crime

Agent Carter

I cannot explain how much I loved this week's episode of Agent Carter. We got flashbacks of both Peggy and Whitney. Peggy is the tom boy, who was engaged, gets offered a job in the field, and her fiance says it isn't her, despite Peggy's brother disagreeing. Soon, her brother is killed in war, and in a beautifully shot scene Peggy leaves her wedding dress and ring and goes off to war herself. It was heart breaking.

Then there's Whitney. Who we meet under her real name, Agnes. She's a brainy child, she hates her mother's boyfriend. She just tries to go about her studies only for her mother to give her a harsh lesson about her looks getting her where she needs to go. Something that is unfortunately true in their time.

We also got some series UST between Peggy and Sousa. I've never been crazy about them as a couple (Though I'm 90% sure that's who she marries eventually) but they really had great chemistry. Then there's the fact that Peggy and Jarvis kidnapped and tortured (with fake malaria) the man who tried to kill them last week.

X Files

This episode was weird as fuck. X Files occasionally did these "Monster of the Week" episodes and I always got a kick out of them. They were campy in a series that was nearly always straight faced. Here, they a have a hilarious Kiwi named Rhys Darby, who I can't believe was not on my radar give a great performance.

My issue is the amount of episodes in this series. There's only 6, and this felt like a waste. I get it's there for nostalgia, but I would've rather they continued with the main story. If this were a full season, I'd be fine. But we don't have the time to dick around here.

American Crime

Those sensational promos finally drew me in. The ones talking about rape and how people don't think it happens to Men. It's true, it's something that isn't talked about enough, so I started watching and am officially hooked. I caught up on Demand and should see the newest episode this week. The story is interesting and not a second is wasted. It also hasn't gone exactly where I expected yet.

I can't get over how great the casting in this show is. Everyone is perfect. 


  1. The only thing I have to say about that episode of Agent Carter is this.... JARVELOUS!!!!!!

  2. Love your review of X-Files! I agree that we shouldn't be dicking around but I think they're trying to make the revival feel as close to the original series as possible.

    1. You're right, that's just not what I was expecting them to do. I was expecting more continuation than nostalgia.


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