Rambling TV: Thoughts on TWD, Agent Carter, + more

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Agent Carter

I never thought this show would make me feel so sad. I saw the ending coming a mile away but it was still a gut punch. Poor Jarvis.

I'm not a fan of love triangles at all, but I think Peggy could solve her problem with a simple three way. I wouldn't complain.

Chief Thompson is such a wild card. It's like they go back and forth on whether or not he's going to be a complete asshole, or only a semi asshole. I'm rooting for semi.

The X Files

This episode was like the Twilight Zone. Mulder and Scully are working with their younger doppelgangers and then Mulder trips on schrooms. What the fuck is this show doing?

American Crime

I completely forgot to babble about this show last week. It's so intense. I don't even know what to think or who to feel sorry for or who to hate the most now. It's just this massive social clusterfuck that I can't take my eyes off of.

The Walking Dead

RICHONNE IS CANON! I have to admit, when I read the spoilers on Wednesday I was shocked they were going about this so quickly. I always knew Rick and Michonne would get together. I just didn't think it would be on the episode following Rick chopping his forced comic love interest. I still hope Michonne is able to have stories separate from the Grimes, they've been her anchor since season 4 and she's had nothing out side of them, but for now, I'm happy. The scene was so sweet and not at all how I pictured it, but in the best way ever. It was so fun and natural. Now I just need Carol and Daryl to get together. 

I am very disappointed we don't get to see a lot of the fall out of the mid season premiere. I wanted to see Carl struggling with his injury, Michonne struggling with having to kill Ron. Glenn and Maggie seeing each other again, Carol and Daryl seeing each other again. Rosita and Abraham also need to have a discussion, I think it was a massive mistake to skip all this due to time. They could've had the mid season premiere be the mid season finale and got rid of half the filler from 6A. Aside from the Richonne moment, and Michonne's scenes with Carl and Spencer, I felt this episode largely fell flat. Daryl and Rick's Excellent Adventure was Prey level bad with chasing Jesus. 

Better Call Saul

I forgot how beautifully this show is shot. I have to say, this episode was a bit boring. Nowhere near the quality of the first season, but it did have a great set up at the end. I look forward to seeing where it goes.


The first 10 minutes of this episode were fucking hysterical. After watching TWD try to do comedy, it was a stark contrast on how much they failed at that. Bobby Cannavale's kung fu coke fueled punching was perfect. This was a really strong episode and didn't drag at all like the opener did. I actually think their ratings might climb with this one. 
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  1. I now hate Whitney Frost for what she did to Ana. I hope Jarvis gets his revenge. Is it wrong for me for wanting to ship Peggy with... Dottie. They so belong together.

    1. Whitney is awful. She needs to go. I hate her more than Dottie and Dottie also fucked Peggy over pretty badly in this episode.

      And no, I bet there's a lot of Peggy/Dottie shippers lol.

  2. That was so funny what you said about the recent XFiles show. It was a little odd. I don't think it will get a full on season. I am not sure how I feel about that whole romance on TWD only because I feel like if there are too many couples someone out of those couple are for sure going to die!

    1. Michonne and Rick are both invincible characters (along with Carl and Daryl) so neither of them will die. They're guaranteed at least until the penultimate episode of the series finale.


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