Rambling TV: Thoughts on TWD, Agent Carter + more

Rambling TV is a weekly series were I ramble semi coherently about the things I watched on television. My DVR tried to sabotage me this week, but I prevailed. 

The X-Files

Of course one of the stronger episodes would be 1) the season finale and 2) end on a massive cliffhanger. I'm glad this show returned, but if they come back, I hope they polish things up a bit better. They can leave agents Miller and Einstein off too and give us more Skinner.

Agent Carter

I missed the first 15 minutes because my DVR is (apparently) mad at me. It also failed to record American Crime this week. Mrs. Jarvis is alive, but unable to have children. Peggy and Jarvis actually have a much needed spat getting all their grievances out in the air, and they apologize immediately. I love their relationship. Chief Thompson flip flopped so much in this episode he gave me whiplash. It's like this show never knows how much of a douchebag they want him to be.

The show also did this weird musical number in one of Peggy's dreams, where we got to see Angie again, but the rest was just so corny I kind of cringed throughout. 

Better Call Saul

This week saw the return of Mike, who tries his hardest to get the idiot Pryce to not report a robbery to the police. He enlists Jimmy to create an elaborate hoax to where Pryce wasn't hiding drugs, but actually erotic videos of him squatting in pies.

Kim wasn't thrilled to hear Jimmy planted evidence, and I think that was foreshadowing to see what drives them apart for good before he becomes Saul.

Chuck also returned, and I still want to punch him in the face for what he did to Jimmy last season. I hope Jimmy actually does do that eventually.

The Walking Dead

For an episode that finally introduced the Hilltop Colony, a big deal in the comics, it was fairly boring. Not a bad episode at all, just not great. 

Maggie showed great leadership qualities when it came to cutting a deal with a new douchebag, Gregory. I still hate how they sort of shoehorned this plot without explaining why Maggie wanted to shadow Deanna at Alexandria, or why Deanna had her last moments with Michonne instead of her. I just think they could've worked better.

This Abe/Sasha/Rosita love triangle is so gross. I hate how Rosita is getting screwed here.

The foreshadowing was so heavy in this episode. Ugh, I'm not ready for the deaths to come.

On the shippy said, there was some goodies. Cute Richonne and Glaggie moments, and Daryl getting all defensive over Carol when Jesus mentioned the cookies, and not shooting down Abe when he mentioned settling down. I'm sure he was thinking of Carol there. 


The scenes with Lester day dreaming about singing made me so sad. I hope this means we're going to see more of him now that Richie approached him again.

One thing that bothers me though, Jamie taking the blame for something Julie did? I hate that trope. I just want Jamie to succeed in something. 

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  1. I'm still on the fence about new X-Files season. The 58% rotten tomatoes score put me off so far.

    I'm interested in Vinyl, if mostly for the soundtrack.

    1. It's definitely not great, but if you liked the original it is nice to see them again, even if I was expecting more.

  2. Oh man, those 2 episodes of Agent Carter as it had a lot happening as I also loved that little musical number with the return of Angie and Dottie in a waitress uniform that I marked out on. Yet, it was seeing Sousa dancing that wowed me. Plus, I have to say that for a dude. He's got a nice butt when he's dancing.

    1. He does. It was a little weird for me, but Agent Carter has been on fire lately. That show NEEDS to get renewed for a 3rd season.

  3. I only watch the X-Files and I agree with you since I love Skinner. I had to laugh at the last episode because the girl who plays Einstein, has the ability to move her face and she has wrinkles in her forehead but Scully can't move her face much at all and she has no wrinkles on her forehead at all. I find looking at her very distracting.

    1. lol I didn't notice that. I really was not a fan of Einstein. She didn't bother me in the episode she was introduced, but when I saw she came back I was immediately annoyed.

  4. Was the season finale to X-Files good? I've been avoiding the last two episodes 'cause I only saw bad reviews. :/

    I'm trying hard to remember the foreshadowing of TWD but can't - what did you see? I liked the episode but agree -it wasn't great. Hopefully Rosita and Sasha don't get screwed over with the Abraham love triangle.

    1. It was a good episode, but it ends on a massive cliffhanger so that's annoying.

      The foreshadowing is for Glenn's eventual death at the hands of Negan. Maggie saying "It's gonna cost us something" was the biggest one.


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