Rambling TV: Thoughts on TWD, Agent Carter + more.

Rambling TV is a weekly series were I ramble semi coherently about things I've watched on television this week.

The Walking Dead

I need to get my ranting out of the way. We need to talk about what they're doing to Carol. I read spoilers, when I read that Carol was going to end up kissing Tobin, I was immediately annoyed, because if Carol's kissing anyone, it should be Daryl. But Eventually after thinking about it, I was hoping this would be a small minute of happiness with this red shirt.

It wasn't. Carol is still hurting badly, and NONE of her family members seem to notice. It's like she's going through an identity crisis. In this episode, we saw her in her normal clothes, then revert back to Suzy Homemaker for a bit. She's hiding what happened with Morgan, like I knew she would, but her interaction with Tobin felt like something an addict would do. Give herself a high for a minute, then go back to misery. Tobin did say something very nice, (albeit a bit misguided with the "mom" comparison, which I think is wildly off base) but when Carol replies with "It's not tomorrow yet" I felt like she was saying "this is for right now, and not tomorrow." Carol NEEDS her family. They are the ones that should be comforting her, not these random red shirts. I'm hoping Carol's scenes with Maggie next week could lead to that, since she was rightly angry that Maggie was out there in the first place with a baby. She doesn't want her to go through the same pain of losing a child as she did. Carol still cares about her family, it's time they showed they do as well.

The rest of the episode was actually very good. A lot of smaller characters like Rosita, Tara, and Father Gabriel got a chance to shine. Glenn got his first human kill, which was so heartbreaking to watch. Team Family was completely ruthless with the Saviors they found.

Agent Carter

I really hope they pick up this show for season 3. Although we didn't get a lone face off between Whitney and Peggy, she was defeated and Whitney went completly bat shit at the end. That was a nice touch. Another nice touch being Thompson actually helping Peggy this week, so of course the show would end with him getting shot in the chest by an unknown assassin.

Please pick up season 3. I know Atwell is attached to some other ABC pilot about lawyers, but how many of those are on TV already? There's only one Agent Carter and I would love to see how SHIELD gets built, because you know what's what the next season would be about.

Better Call Saul

Poor Saul, his job already up in the air because he ran a commercial without approval from the boss. Though it was hilarious seeing the ad the company originally ran.

Saul is really pushing it with Kim. They're going to end so badly.

The ending with Mike and Nacho was so intriguing, I can't wait to see where that goes.


Another expertly shot episode. Richie and Devon had about the worst marriage counseling session ever (seriously, I hope their kids slept through that)

Casper needs to fuck off and Jamie should be given his job.

Lester came back with the ultimate fuck you in becoming the Nasty Bits' manager. 

I'm still no used to hearing Ray Romano saying "fuck" all the time.

This episode had so many great one liners in it as well.

American Crime

My DVR worked this week, though I also tried to record The Family to see what that was all about and instead it ended up being like "Nahhhh gurl, Hot in Cleveland!" Fuck it, I quit.

There are so many questions that need to be answered in next week's season finale, I'm not sure if they all will be. What actually happened at that party? What else is Sebastian going to dig up? Are these idiot parents finally going to do something right instead of protecting their own children's asses?

I have to give a shout out to Joey Pollari, the actor who plays Eric though. Someone give this kid an Emmy immediately, he was polarizing in this episode. All the emotions playing across his face while his mom was standing right in front of him being a homophobic twat was heartbreaking. His character is a tough one to play because even though you want to sympathize with him at times, he's still very unlikable, but tonight I felt terrible for him.

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  1. UGH, your weekly posts remind me how much binge watching I need to do!

    1. lol. They remind me that TV is the #1 cause of my drinking.

  2. I really hope there's one more season of Agent Carter where it's not just about wrapping up the mystery over Thompson's death but also the seeds into the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the last scenes involve the old Peggy learning that Steve Rogers is alive and passing on some final information to one of her relatives in Sharon Carter.

    1. I'd love to see all of that. I'm so confused on who Sharon Carter is going to belong to in the MCU now that her brother is dead.

  3. I hope there is more Agent Carter too but I saw it wasn't on the list yet. Neither was Muppets and I am totally bummed about that one too.

    1. Yeah, I saw something that said there was a "rumor" it could be renewed. I'm surprised their ratings are so terrible, I wish more people watched.

  4. I thought the cooking bit with Carol was smart as it shows something she loved from before the apocalypse and doing it seems to imply (at least for me) that the rebuilding of the world has begun a little bit. Isn't what the characters supposely wants ? Living a life without murder and all ? She's the best, capable to adapt and fight and cooking (that's a precious quality to have, especially in their world). She deserves better. Watching the episode, I had a thought about how the writers seems to avoid Carol and Daryl real interactions as much as possible recently.

    The Rosita bit was heartbreaking. Impress by the actress, who had so few opportunity with the character, showing us that it's the writer's fault because she's pretty good ! Rosita deserves better too. Like the governor callback with Tara and the exchange with Gabriel. Nice stuff here.

    As for Agent Carter, I would love a season about the SHIELD, but didn't they say the show was not about that ? Everybody wants to see that (bonus : I want to meet Howard Stark's wife, that would be so great), so that should be the next move, but we never know.

    1. Actually, Carol told Sam last season she cooked when she was sad as a distraction. She cooked at the prison too, but she was her old self then and had a purpose. Here, it's because she's trying to distract herself.

      Yes, Christian Serratos was great last night. Rosita does deserve better.

      I'm not sure if the showrunners ever commented on SHIELD? They may have. Howard hinted to it so heavily in this last episode that I figured it would be what season 3 is about if they get one.

    2. I forget about that part with Sam. I don't know if this is the case, maybe she's like me (after all, I'm a Carol too hihi), but what I like about cooking is the fact that my brain forgets the world and the emotions inside me with my attention focused on the food(confession : I'm not a joyful person lol). Maybe Carol cooks to forget a part of her sadness. I tend more to write, but not a lot of wannabe writers in that show. I will freaking take notes about that post-apocalyptic world if I was them.


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