Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD + more

Rambling TV is a weekly series where I ramble semi-coherently about the things I watched on television this past week. In a shocking turn of events, I wrote this post completely sober. 

The Walking Dead

Did you know that Carol and Maggie, despite their groups meeting at the farm in season 2 have only interacted directly 3 times? Once in episode 510, last week's, and now tonight's episode. That's pathetic, but show is the way this show handles female relationships.

That's why this episode was so special. It was pure filler, yes, but it involved two women who should've interacted more saving themselves. They didn't need to be rescued by their respective men. Maggie was ruthless tonight, this has been the most I've liked her character in ages. Gimple forgot about her for the longest time.

Carol finally admitting that she's not okay (To Daryl, her "person," who Gimple has not had directly interact for an entire season) is huge. This is the start of her breaking down, getting that weight off her shoulders and actually talking. That's amazing, and Melissa McBride was so stellar in this episode. Seriously, give that woman an Emmy.

Agents of SHIELD

The focus is again on Inhumans, and even if we met a cool one in Slingshot, I still wish it was less about them. But I'm not going to get my wish so I'm just enjoying the ride.

FrankenWard is actually a good thing for Brett Dalton, who has issues emoting. Iron Chef guy actually had dialogue this episode too. But the real star was Mack. 

Fitz and Simmons decided to "start over" as they miss each other and things have been awkward since coming back from the other world. I wish they'd just make out and get it over with. I think they'd be happier.

Better Call Saul

The Breaking Bad fan in me does a little dance whenever there's a direct reference to that show. This week, it was Nacho wanting Mike to kill Tuco Salamanca. We know he obviously doesn't because he famously tangles with Walt and Jesse in BrBa, but it's interesting that Mike didn't want to kill him? Why? I hope they answer that.

Jimmy being nice to Chuck is understandable, but still irritating. I hate Chuck. I liked him so much at the begging but the fact that he's continuing to fuck with Jimmy so much made me lose all of that. It's funny how this show gets us to root for someone as sleazy as Jimmy.

American Crime

I wish I never would've started watching this show. It was superbly acted, the writing was great, it talked about rape in a way that you don't see on television, and what did the season finale do? It answered NO questions. None. The showrunners were like "I wanted people to decide for themselves." Uh, no. Ambiguity can be a beautiful thing, but not when EVERYTHING on your show is left up in the air. What happened at the party? What did Taylor choose? What did Eric choose? What was the point of of that story Eric's brother told? Did Leslie go to jail? How much jail time did Becca get? Did Kevin's family move? Who was stalking Sebastian? That's too many questions to leave open.


I swear I could watch a 2 hours highlight reel of Bobby Cannavale just snorting coke. 

Hannibal grinding on Devon might be the biggest "fuck you" I've seen on television in awhile. Richie looked like he was going to explode. 

I really feel like Jamie is going to end up getting hurt by the Nasty Bits guy (whose name is completely escaping me right now) I just want things to go right for her.

Did anyone else lol at the fact that the detectives were snorting coke while listening to that wire? Good lord. 

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