Indie Gems: Lady Macbeth

It's 3:00am, do you know where your wife is at?

In 19th century England, Katherine (Florence Pugh) is sold into marriage to a much older man, Alexander (Paul Hilton) They have a loveless marriage, and while he's away on business she strikes up an affair with one of her husband's workers on their estate, Sebastian. (Cosmo Jarvis...seriously)

Now I know what you're thinking. You're prepared to root for Katherine's affair because her husband is such a piece of shit, right? After seeing a few scenes of Katherine and Alexander together I was looking forward to her going to get some actual D. Only she picks the absolute worst man possible and things just escalate from there. Katherine will do anything or kill anyone to continue her affair. 

You have to give this movie (and book that it's based on) props for having such despicable characters and still managing to craft a decent story around them. Any sympathy I had for Katherine I quickly threw out the moment she picked Sebastian. I hated both of them, but watching how far they keep pushing the line was fascinating.

This film is bleak, there's no happy ending in sight and it's full of terrible acts of violence. It's shot beautifully and Pugh is fantastic. Naomi Ackie was the other stand out. She plays Anna, Katherine's maid who ends up being her unfortunate witness. I couldn't look away.

Grade: B-

Watched on: Netflix DVD

Memorable Quote: "Let him out." - Katherine (Florence Pugh)


  1. This is in my list of films that I want to see as I hope to have it on TV or in my local library.

  2. Loved this one! Truly a gem. Totally agree with how every character is despicable but we can't stop watching. It was so well handled.


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