2018 Blind Spot Series: All About Eve

We have a new host for the Blind Spot Series - Sofia at Returning Videotapes! I haven't changed my banner yet to include her blog, I'll get to that eventually. Even with Ryan stepping down, I love this series - and this excuse to watch something old too much to quit. I had a list already set out before Ryan even announced he was ending it. I'm happy for Sofia for carrying it on!

What I knew going in: That Bette Davis was in it. 

Margo (Bette Davis) is a theater actress who is introduced to Eve (Anne Baxter) one night after a show. Eve has been to every performance and says she's a huge fan. After a while, Even begins to show her own ambitions for the spotlight and maybe she isn't as genuine as we thought. 

When I watched Sunset Boulevard last year, a few of you suggested I watch All About Eve. Because I hadn't researched it I was expecting a few familiarizes but both films are very different. This one feels more down to Earth and less glamorous, even though it involves actors.

Bette Davis is such a powerhouse, I love her performances. Anne Baxter was great as Eve as well. I don't think a performance like hers could be pulled off today. There was something so conniving about her. Celeste Holm (who has the loveliest voice) was another stand out to me as Margo's friend Karen.  

I like when films have narrations and this one handles it seamlessly. Even in the quieter moments it's always interesting. I have to say, I did prefer Sunset to this one, but that's not to diminish this at all. This was a great way to start 2018.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "You won't even get the chance to talk" - Miss Casswell (Marilyn Monroe)


  1. Why do they all look like sad rabbits...or something to that effect. I love George Sanders in this role and when he finally tells what’s what to Eve...I loved it.

  2. This is a film I want to see as I heard a lot of things about it as well as the fact that it inspired the title of one of Pedro Almodovar's films in All About My Mother.

  3. This is definitely one of the essentials with every role cast with exactly the right actor in each part.

    It didn't start out that way with Claudette Colbert (who would have been an interesting but more refined Margo) cast as Margo Channing until she suffered an injury on the film she was making before starting on this (Three Came Home-a very good film about an American woman interned in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during WWII that is well worth seeking out) and had to withdraw just before the cameras turned and Davis, who was in a major career slump, stepped in and her ferocious take on the character reinvigorated her career.

    Anne Baxter had been cast because of her resemblance to Colbert but was kept on fortunately, I can't envision anyone doing justice to the silky villainy of Eve as well as she.

    But no matter how good the players are as they say if it's not on the page it's not on the stage and this certainly has an airtight script loaded with memorable lines and Mankiewicz's mighty hand guiding it in the director's chair.

    I second Birgit's mention of George Sanders (his Oscar win is my favorite in that category) and that rockin' scene where he humbles Eve is just heaven.

    This is a great one to start the year out with. I love Sunset Boulevard and had it won Best Picture I certainly wouldn't have carped but my preference has always been this one by a thin margin (though a tie would have really been the best outcome). I think it's because with Sunset the characters are so damaged and big they can't help but be compelling but though the Broadway theatre is a rarified setting the people presented in Eve are all distinctly different recognizable people.

    There are actually a couple of books, All About All About Eve and Close-Up on Sunset Boulevard, by the same author-Sam Staggs that look in minute detail at the making of each movie. For a film fan they are a treasure trove of information on every aspect of both.

    1. I should check out those books. I did prefer Sunset Boulevard. That's what I would've been routing for Best Picture wise.

  4. Nice review! All About Eve is one of my favorite movies - the script, direction, and acting are all topnotch.

    1. Thank you! :) I didn't know this was one of your favorites. That's awesome!

  5. This really is one of those legendarily perfect films - everything in it from top to bottom couldn't have been improved upon. It's sad that we got two such films in 1950; like Joel, I prefer this to Sunset Boulevard by the slimmest of margins, mostly due to the performances. Sunset basically boils down to three characters, but Eve has at least five that are all fascinating and with great performances and DELICIOUS dialogue. Other than Bette Davis, none of the main actors ever found a better match for their personas.

    Anyway, I could babble on about this forever, so I'll just say I'm so glad you loved it and leave it at that.

    1. That's true, Eve does have more people we spend time with. I need to buy both this and Sunset. Great films.


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