My Top 10 Films of 2017

Better late than never. I'd be shocked if I managed a Best of *insert year* list in that year. There's always something left over for me to chase after. I manged to see 99% of the films I wanted to, so now's the time to share my list. Here are my top 10 favorite films of 2017 in no particular order, a few other random favorites, and of course, the 5 worst films I saw this year. 

Top 10 Films of 2017

Apes together strong

The best version

Have a little understanding of people's feelings

She ran six miles in the snow

Bound by love. Torn by flesh

My masterpiece


You were one of my favorites

We're going home

A princess couldn't do what I did

Just Missed

Honorable mention: Mudbound, Okja, Colossal, Wonder Woman, Your Name, The Big Sick, I, Tonya, The Shape of Water

And now the worst of the worst. Keep in mind, if a movie looks bad, I don't go see it. Aside from one of these films, these were ones I was genuinely interested in and ended up hating.

Bottom 5 of 2017

Beauty and the Beast
3 Generations
The Circle
All Eyez On Me
Baby Driver

Honorable Disappointments: Beach Rats, The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Random Favorites

Top 10 Best Actresses
Saoirse Ronan - Lady Bird
Laurie Metcalf - Lady Bird
Sally Hawkins - The Shape of Water
Frances McDormand - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Aubrey Plaza - Ingrid Goes West
Margot Robbie - I, Tonya
Garance Marillier - Raw
Jennifer Lawrence - mother!
Elizabeth Olsen - Wind River/Ingrid Goes West
Brooklynn Prince - The Florida Project

Top 10 Best Actors
James Franco - The Disaster Artist
Daniel Kaluuya - Get Out
Sam Rockwell - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Rob Morgan - Mudbound
Andy Serkis - War for the Planet of the Apes
Jason Mitchell - Mudbound/Detroit
Hugh Jackman - Logan 
Jeremy Renner - Wind River
Michael Stuhlbarg - Call Me By Your Name/The Shape of Water
Will Poulter - Detroit

Best Director
Christopher Nolan - Dunkirk
Greta Gerwig - Lady Bird
Jordan Peele - Get Out
Dee Rees - Mudbound
Tyler Sheridan - Wind River

Funniest Scenes
Thor telling the Loki/Snake story - Thor: Ragnarok
"Too much wind machine!" - The Disaster Artist
"TSA BITCH!" - Get Out
The police station burning down/monologue - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
"We lost 19 of our best guys" - The Big Sick

Cleganebowl GET HYPE Award for - you guessed it - maximum hype
Throne room scene - The Last Jedi
No Man's Land - Wonder Woman
The Immigrant Song Montage - Thor: Ragnarok
Thor powers up - Thor: Ragnarok
Battle of Crait - The Last Jedi

Star Trek Into Darkness Award for "Fuck you, I loved this!"
Force Skype - The Last Jedi

Martha Award for Best Unintentional Laugh (Tie)
Emma Watson's cardboard expression when her boyfriend stops being a giant, furry animal. - Beauty and the Beast
The amount of times Daniel Day-Lewis tells someones to "fuck off" - Phantom Thread

10/10 Would Bang Award for Hottest Performance in a Film
Idris Elba exists - Molly's Game
Adam Driver loses his shirt - The Last Jedi
Hugh Jackman getting mad in a tank top - Logan
Steven Yeun fights, then victory fucks his way through his office building - Mayhem
Elizabeth Olsen being 100% believable as an Instagram crush - Ingrid Goes West

"I know a guy" Breakout Side Character Award
O'Shea Jackson Jr - Ingrid Goes West

"You didn't see that coming?" Award for Biggest Surprise in a Film
Good Time

Lars Von Trier Award for This Scene is Going on for Way too Long
Rooney Mara stress eats a pie - A Ghost Story

The Village Award for Incorrect Advertising
It Comes At Night


  1. LOL at that last award - YESYESYES. SO BAD.

    "Steven Yeun fights, then victory fucks his way through his office building" WHAT IS THIS MAYHEM MOVIE AND WHERE CAN I WATCH IT AND WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TELL ME ABOUT THIS WHEN I AM AT WORK?!?

    I don't understand why people had a problem with the "Force Skype" stuff in Last Jedi either.

    I quite enjoyed Day-Lewis telling the doctor to fuck off in Phantom Thread. I don't think those laughs were unintentional AT ALL.

    1. Mayhem is awesome! It's a bit unfortunate that it came out in the same year as The Belko Experiment because they're very similar but Yeun is awesome and has a sex scene so I'm sold. lol

      I think Phantom Thread felt unintentional to me because I was the only person in the theater that laughed at them. No one else made a sound.

      Force Skype 4eva

  2. I haven't seen Raw and I wasn't a fan of It, but I loved the others. I'm so happy to see War for the Planet of the Apes here. It's going to be on my top 10 as well, if I ever write the post haha

    "10/10 Would Bang Award for Hottest Performance in a Film" love that category!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you loved POTA as well. It feels so underrated for a blockbuster.

  3. Nice list here, Brittani. Dig the Ingrid Goes West inclusion. ;)

  4. I don't know what I love more - the inclusion of both Sam and Hugh in Best Actors or the inclusion of Baby Driver in worst of the year :)

  5. Of the films in the top 10, I've seen only half so far but I like what you have.

    I will hope to avoid Beauty and the Beast as that rant of yours is still ingrained in my head. I think you and I had an understanding about the way we see bad movies as it was similar to my reaction towards Aloha. If Emma Watson pisses you off again, would you want Scar-Jo 3:16 to give her a SCAR-JO STUNNA?

    1. See, the only reason I watched BATB in the first place is because I was on a plane, and it's what my kid wanted to watch lol. The trailers for it looked back, but I was at least expecting some nice production design.

      Nope. Nothing.

    2. You sure? Not even a can of whoop-ass?

  6. Glad I'm not the only one who just posted the top 10 list! Yay for LOGAN, DUNKIRK and War for the Planet of the Apes. Wow you saw RAW? I probably would pass out from seeing that.

    Love your Random Fave List!

    Martha Award for Best Unintentional Laugh is probably the entire Justice League for me.

    1. MARTHA! lol. Raw was so good. It's not all gore all the time, the story is fantastic.

  7. Force Skype <3
    I'm so glad to see Ingrid Goes West here! It just missed out on my own list. I loved far too many things this year, my list started out as 24!

    1. When I got to the point where I had to sub movies out, it got hard. Even when I look at it now I might switch a few around but I had to stop editing.

  8. Great list! I have yet to watch some of your top 10 movies., but some of these made it on my list as well. Those Last Jedi scenes you mentioned were awesome!

  9. Raw was so crazy good! I actually found it to be a better coming-of-age story than Lady Bird, but that's my unpopular opinion! Definitely made me want to vomit and not look a few times!

    1. Lady Bird is probably my favorite of the year, but Raw is a great coming of age story in its own right. I loved the gore. lol

  10. That was fun post! I share the love for several you mentioned. Did you get a chance to see Phantom Thread? That's the one that forced me to actually adjust my Top 10 list. I was surprised to see Jessica Chastain missing from your Best Actress list. I thought she was incredible in "Molly's Game". Still ticked at the Academy for nominating Streep but leaving off Chastain.

    1. I did see Phantom Thread (and posted my review last week) That's why I have him in my Martha Award lol. It was good, but didn't crack my favorites.

      Jessica Chastain was really good in Molly's Game but she was barely edged out of my Top 10. She'd be #11

  11. Steven Yeun fights, then victory fucks his way through his office building - Mayhem

    WHAT IS THIS? And why do I need to see it immediately?


  12. So many awesome awards! Love a lot of your picks! Mayhem with Steven sounds awesome. I'm gonna have to check it out. The Circle is on my Worst of List too. I still chuckle to myself from time to time about it. :P

    1. Ahh The Circle. How you screw up such an interesting book is beyond me. lol

  13. It's refreshing to see that someone else disliked Baby Driver. I don't understand why everyone loved it.


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