Indie Gems: Girl Asleep

She just needs a little nudge.

Greta (Bethany Whitmore) is a shy and awkward girl who isn't quite ready to let go of her childhood and turn 15. She's recently moved and when she makes a new friend, Elliott (Harrison Feldman) her parents decide to throw her a birthday party against her wishes to help get her out of her shell. 

Sometime later this year I'll be writing a massive post about all the films that have been in my Netflix queue black hole for ages. This is one of them, and I felt compelled to write a full review instead of the little blurb I have in my drafts.

This movie, clocking in at a quick 77 minutes is so perfectly weird. 1970's Australia is already different enough from what I'm used to seeing and it's un-apologetically bizarre while still managing to make sense. It could've easily ended up in avant garde territory and threw cohesiveness to the wind but it doesn't. Plus, the family here feels honest and real. 

There's nothing groundbreaking in terms of acting here but Whitmore and Feldman do really well and have nice chemistry. She carries the film with ease. 
I'm sure this won't be for everyone but if you're looking for something short, sweet, and kind of weird, this is for you.

Grade: A-

Memorable Quote: "I don't want a fucking party!" - Greta (Bethany Whitmore)


  1. I think I have this film in my never-ending watchlist as I've heard good things about it. I want to see it.

    1. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it. It's cute, I'm not sure how it ended up in my Queue, someone must have had it on a TMP.

  2. 💛💜❤️💙🎂 My brother Lincoln and I are turning 21 next Thursday 🎂💛💜❤️💙

  3. Glad you liked it! Thank's for recommending Girl Asleep! Bethany xx

  4. You had me at weird! Definitely going to give this a watch.

  5. I think it sounds pretty cool. Wasn't familiar with this one at all but I want to give it a whirl.


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