Review: Corpus Christi

They won't take you.
Daniel (Bartosz Bielenia) is fresh out of juvie for committing a violent crime. While in the pen, he found God, and now he wants to be a priest, only that's not possible for a criminal. When he arrives to a new town, a little white lie he tells Eliza (Eliza Rycembel) ends up with everyone believing he's an actual priest, so he decides to take up their parish. 

While Poland is currently giving us 365 Days on Netflix - which I still haven't watched - this was their Oscar nominated submission to the Academy Awards last year. I can see why. It's a quiet little drama that is anchored by an incredibly moving performance.

Bielenia reminds me a lot of a young Cillian Murphy. I'm sure the similarity initially came to mind because of his bright blue eyes, which always seem to be staring at you right through the screen, but he carries so much weight. We know Daniel committed a crime and still struggles with sobriety. He's 20, after all and hasn't gotten to live any of his adult life outside of prison. But there's also something very sincere about him finding religion, and it's easy to be on his side when he decides to practice anyways even when he's not allowed. 

The small town he ends up in suffered a great tragedy the year before that Daniel works to bring peace and he's absolutely the one in the right. It's an interesting portrait to paint. He, the convict having the most sense about the situation.

It's inevitable that Daniel will eventually be found out, and the film does tread into eye-rolling territory when that begins to happen but overall I'm really glad I watched this. While nothing was ever going to unseat the magnificent Parasite at the Oscars, this is a worthy runner up.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Yeah? And I'm a nun." - Eliza (Eliza Rycembel)


  1. I saw some of 365 Days (mainly for the sex) and it's not worth it. It's a fucking waste of time. This film however I will check out soon.

    1. It seems it lol. I hope you like Corpus Christi at least!

  2. Please watch 365 Days, it's terrible but I know your review would be brilliant to read haha!
    Corpus Christi sounds well worth a watch, though. I have to admit I blocked out all the other movies thanks to Parasite.

    1. I did too at the time lol. I'm tempted to watch 365 Days just to laugh at something lol

  3. This sounds intriguing (damn near everything I read here does!), but I'm not sure I'll get around to it.

    But, hey. C'mon now. YOU GOTTA DO 365 Days. I did.

    Okay, that doesn't mean much, but still. DO IT.

    1. It looks so awful but awful tends to tempt me the most.


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