What I watched on TV In September

More social distancing, more TV. I feel like The Sopranos is taking over my life. So many movies and books are taking a back seat to it. Here's what I was watching on the small screen last month.

Lovecraft Country - This show continues to be wonderful and weird. This last episode was complete filler but it was GOOD filler. That's how you do it. There's only three episodes left as I'm typing this, I'm curious to see where it goes.

The Sopranos - As I'm typing this, I'm almost finished with season 5, then I just have their mammoth season 6 left. This show is all I want to watch at the moment but like...men are the worst, right? There are no likable men on this show at all. 

The Vow - I vaguely remember reading about NXIVM and how the girl from Smallville was involved when that story dropped a few years ago, but I never took a deep dive into it. This documentary has been eye opening and I had no idea how far this went. At first glance, I was surprised they were doing 9 episodes on this, but now after watching the first 5, I completely understand why. There's a lot.

Defending Jacob - I'm trying to make good use out of that Apple TV free trial and even though I loved the book and Chris Evans is so, so hot. I read about the changes they made and I just don't know if I'll continue watching it. It's ~fine~ but I'm firmly in the "book is better" camp.

Fargo -
This got off to a massively slow start, it's too early for me to completely discredit it. There's a lot of potentially interesting pieces and I like the actors, so I'll stick with it. 

The Third Day - Jude Law is out there about to get Midsommar'd and here I am screaming at my TV telling him to leave. HBO's newest Monday night show is off to a decent start. I *think* I have it figured out, but we'll see. 


  1. Damn you're watching some good stuff, Brittani. I'd be up for all of this but I'm (slowly) working my way through Cobra Kai and It's Always Sunny. Oh, and the Great British Bake Off...


    Oooh, Lovecraft Country looks soooo good, though (but we cancelled HBO when we moved..aaaaahhh)

    1. It's Always Sunny is a big undertaking. I'm on the final season of Sopranos now and it feels like I've been running a marathon.

      Nooo get HBO back lol. It's worth it.

  2. I saw some of Lovecraft Country and holy fuck, it is awesome.

  3. Nice reviews! Glad you're enjoying Defending Jacob somewhat. I found the book to be too boring, so I'm kind of in the opposite camp. But Chris delivered some LOOKS in this like WOW lol.

    1. He did! I'm okay with them taking a 50 year old character and turning him into Chris Evans. lol

  4. I tried to watch Lovecraft Country but got very bored during the first episode, I don't think I even got to the interesting part. It just started so slow...

    1. It did start a bit slow but man does it get going. The 2nd-3rd episodes almost feel like they move *too* fast.


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