2020 Blind Spot Series: Dial M for Murder

What I knew going in: Not much at all, really.

Tony (Ray Milland) is a tennis star who finds out his wife, Margot (Grace Kelly) is having an affair with Mark (Robert Cummings) while he's been out on tour. He retires from tennis, and Margot gives their relationship an honest try the second go around. Only instead of confronting her like a normal human, he decides to blackmail someone into murdering her instead.

Long ago when I started this blogging challenge I had a list of Hitchock films I planned to see, and I believe I was taking a vote between this and Rope, and Dial M for Murder is what won. And this turned out to be a solid choice. 

For a movie that so obviously is going to end a certain way, the suspense really does stay with you throughout the run time, thought maybe not for the reason you expect. While I normally love a good courtroom drama, I like that this film jumps in time a bit after it's "intermission" (which is kind of funny considering this film isn't even 2 hours)

Grace Kelly is wonderful and so beautiful and she stands out even more against the rest of the cast which is a bunch of dudes that arguably all look the same. That's the biggest hurdle this film has in my opinion. Milland, Cummings, and co are fine, but they're kind of boring to watch. Their dialogue isn't, but acting wise it's nothing special. Kelly is carrying the acting department.

This didn't knock Rear Window off the top of my Hitchock list, but I'm glad I watched it. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "I don't seem to be able to feel anything." - Margot (Grace Kelly)  


  1. I love this film even though it is not one of my favourites of Hitchcock. Hitchcock loved to try new things so this film was made in 3D which was the rage back then. Grace had a habit of falling for her co-stars and this was a major one when she had an affair with Ray Milland which almost caused the actor’s marriage to break as Grace was named in the divorce papers, a bit of back stage antics to this film.

    1. Yikes these classic actors and their scandals. lol
      This was a good one. I'm glad I enjoyed it too.

  2. I do like this film as I think it's one of Hitchcock's quintessential films.

    1. I like it better than Vertigo for sure. I need to see more of his films before I do any type of ranking.

  3. This was Grace Kelly's first film with Hitchcock and I think it's the weakest of the three they made together. Rear Window is the best, and for me the best Hitchcock movie but To Catch a Thief has its charms.

    This has some good parts as well, the attempted murder scene is tense and compelling, but it's terribly stagy.

    As you said the performances outside of Grace are by and large rather flat except for John Williams as the police inspector. Ray Milland is usually an interesting actor but he seems a bit off here. But the biggest deficit is Robert Cummings, an okay comic actor but far too bland to be convincing as someone you'd risk your marriage for. He'd worked for Hitch before in Saboteur (though Rear Window is the Hitchcock film I think is the best made, Saboteur is my favorite of his films) and did very well there but the role fit his everyman persona but he's wrong here. A younger more magnetic actor along the lines of Richard Burton, Steve Cochran or Paul Newman would have made both the role and the film pop more and offered a greater contrast between the male characters.

    I don't hate the picture by any means but it's one I never revisit.

    With the year closing out (and considering what 2020 has been none too soon!) I'm anxious to see what films you've lined up for your Blind Spots next year!

    1. I've already got my post typed up and scheduled! I ended up already getting a start on my Blind Spot list just because of what was already available.

  4. Glad you liked it. I'm a big fan of it but it's been years since I last saw it. Great job getting in all of your Blind Spot movies. I didn't do one this year mainly because I was so embarrassed by how poorly I did the year before! LOL


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