Review: Oxygen

Liz (Melanie Laurent) wakes up in a cryogenic medical pod with no memory of how she got there. With only an AI to talk to, she attempts to rebuild her memory while her malfunctioning pod runs out of oxygen.

Even though I had read a few reviews before watching Netflix's newest offering, I had forgotten that it was mean to take place in this single location. Films like this can be tricky, but Laurent is a very capable actress and she keeps you very invested in Liz's situation.

It's hard to do something new with "trapped in a box and must escape." You can make what put her their compelling, which I feel this film succeeds at, but it's going to hit some very familiar beats along the way. 

Director Alexandra Aja normally makes horror movies, and he throws in one very cheap and out of place jump scare in this, but overall I really enjoyed what he did here. I didn't feel overwhelmingly claustrophobic while watching this, while the reality of the very small space she is in is never lost on us, her surroundings were intricate enough to make me wonder what else is out there.

While nothing about this film is groundbreaking, it's a fairly satisfying way to spend 100 minutes at home.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B-

Memorable quote: "You whispered something. I heard you." - Liz (Melanie Laurent)


  1. I might check this out soon. Plus, I do like Melanie Laurent a lot as this woman is fucking talented. She does music, she can act, and direct films. I think she did that awful Michael Bay movie with Ryan Reynolds mainly for money. Can't hate her for that.

    1. I really liked that movie she directed - Respire. Great film. I really like her too.

  2. That DAMN jumpscare! That was right on a level with Enemy, that was. I'd actually forgotten about it until now, I think my memory was trying to save me from trauma!

  3. Really glad you gave it a look. I loved it and was a bit surprised by how well it kept my attention. Pretty crafty storytelling.

    1. I agree, the mystery surrounding it was very captivating.

  4. I like Melanie Laurent and I feel like it takes a really strong actress to pull off something like this.

    1. It definitely does, it would've been awful with a less capable person.


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