The Weirdest Movies Blogathon

Ronyell over at The Surreal Movies and TV Blog is hosting a blogathon on their specialty - weird movies! Here are the rules.

1)  List up to 5 or 10 of the weirdest movies that you have ever seen.  If you want to list over 10 movies or below 5 movies, then you are free to do so.

2)  You don't necessarily have to list your favorite movies or movies you even like.  Just movies that you think are weird.

3)  Use the banner at the top of this page in put into your post.

4)  This blogathon runs from April 23rd - May 20th, so you need to send your submissions in by May 20th.  After that, I will make a special post where I will list all the bloggers who had participated in this blogathon!

5)  If you are interested in joining this blogathon, then please feel free to leave your link to your post here or tweet me (@rabbitearsblog)

6)  If you are participating in this blogathon through Twitter or you want to let your followers know about this blogathon, then please use the hashtag #weirdestmoviesblogathon so that way, I will know who's participating in this blogathon

And with that, let's get on to my list.

1) Troll
- Everyone talks about Troll 2 being the worst movie ever but they sleep on just how campy and hilarious the original is. WORKS BURGER forever.

2) The Rocky Horror Picture Show -
While you're dancing along to this movie at midnight showings on Halloween, do you ever stop and think just how strange the concept of this movie is? I love it.

3) Swiss Army Man -
A man marooned on an island with only a farting corpse to keep him company? You wouldn't think it works, but it absolutely does thanks to the magnificent Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. 

4) Rubber -
This movie is about a tire that kills people with its mind. Yes, you read the right. It's dumb, but worth the watch.

5) Eraserhead -
I knew this was going to be weird going in, but I still wasn't prepared for that mutant baby. 

6) Enter The Void
- This movie is a neon acid trip.

7) The Lure -
A Polish mermaid horror musical. What more could you ask for?

8) Dogtooth -
This film was my intro into Yorgos Lanthimos and I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't....this. I think this is a fantastic movie, but it is very weird indead.

9) Deathgasm -
This is a heavy metal horror comedy from New Zealand that features a fight scene full of dildos. 

10) The Last Unicorn
- I loved watching this cartoon as a kid, but when I revisted it as an adult...honestly what the fuck is this?


  1. "A Polish mermaid horror musical." I mean if that isn't the perfect fit I don't know what is! :)

  2. Great list! I loved watching the Last Unicorn and there were definitely some weird moments in that film! I really need to watch Rocky Horror Show and Eraserhead sometime! I've heard that they are some pretty weird movies! Thanks for participating in this blogathon!

    1. Rocky Horror is so fun! The Last Unicorn is very strange. My kid flat out hated it lol.

  3. I've seen 6 of these films. I'm not counting Troll because I'm unsure if I had seen this or not. It's been a very long time. Rubber and Deathgasm I haven't seen while Lure is in my DVR waiting to be watched.

    OK, I'm totally doing this as I'm going to blow everyone's mind with my picks.

  4. I don't think I can participate in this blogathon as I haven't watched enough weird movies, ahah. I haven't seen any of these but boy, the Swiss Army Man does sound bonkers indeed!

    1. I'm sure you've seen plenty of weird ones lol. Swiss Army Man is actually very good. I loved it.


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