What I Watched on TV in April

April has been a hell of a month on the small screen for me. There's been so many great things to watch. Here's my brief rundown of everything I had going on last month. 

Beef -
I binged this the day it came out, so I saw all of it before the discourse on David Choe started becoming more mainstream. Not having that information definitely made me view it in a more positive light, but I completely understand if you read those stories about him first how it would dampen the show for you. Over all - I thought this was good. It did run a little long, I don't think it needed as many episodes as it did, but it had moments that were absolutely brilliant and Steven Yuen and Ali Wong were great. 

The Mandalorian -
I know a lot of people didn't care for this season and while I agree it's the weakest I really liked the last few episodes and I think it ended on a great note. I'm excited to see where it goes next with Mandalore, and DIN GROGU! I'm in love.

Ted Lasso -
While the show struggled a bit in the first few episodes, the last ones have been great. I like that they're getting back to the coaching aspect of soccer and what they can do as a team to win. 

Succession -
Episode 3 of this season might be one of the best hours of television I've ever seen. I still can't believe they went there that early in a season. I look forward to Sunday nights every week because of this, and I love that feeling.

Yellowjackets -
Another show that I look forward to weekly. Shauna's family continues to be annoying and I hope we move further away from them as we go on this season. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel -
The final season choosing to do flash forwards to the 80's so we know where Midge ends up is certainly a choice. I'm not sure if I like it or not. As much as I love this show, it can get very annoying at times and Stephanie Hsu bailing on the first episode was pretty disappointing. But I still look forward to seeing where it goes.

Abbott Elementary
- Since I got Hulu back, I was able to catch up on the few episodes of Abbott Elementary I missed, and it continues to be so funny and sweet. I love this show. I never love network sitcoms. It goes to show you how special this one is. 

Waco: The Aftermath
- I didn't realize at first that this was a direct continuation of the very good mini series Waco that aired a few years ago. Michael Shannon reprises his role, as well as a few others. Plus we get plenty of new characters, including some very spot on younger versions of Taylor Kitsch and Melissa Benoist's characters from the first show. It might not be as engaging as the original, I think Rory Culkin was a great character to follow in Waco and he's sorely missed here, but it's been getting better and better each week. Thought Abbey Lee playing a racist again...girl what you doing?

American Manhunt -
This is a 3 part mini series on Netflix about the Boston Marathon bombers, and while I vividly remember the bomber hiding in the boat before getting captured, there is so much more to this manhunt that I did not remember at all. I was pretty surprised by watching it. It's a solid docuseries if you're interested.

Love & Death -
My girl Queen Elizabeth Olsen is back in HBO's version of the Betty Gore murder. I had read some pretty bad reviews before starting the first three episodes and I couldn't disagree with them more. I think the show is fine so far. It was smart to release those three episodes at once as there's a lot of build up, but so far I like it and it stands on its own vs Hulu's Candy series that aired last year. 


  1. While I will agree that this season of The Mandalorian is weak in comparison to its predecessors, I still enjoyed it as I had fun watching it and I wouldn't mind seeing Grogu hanging out more with Lizzo. My only gripe about that episode was that Lizzo didn't play the flute. She needs to form a Jethro Tull tribute band. I fucking love Ted Lasso as the "Sunflowers" episode in Amsterdam is an all-time favorite. I'm loving that the team has adapted Total Football into their tactics and are winning. I feel awful for Keeley as I hope she breaks up with Jack. Roy was really stupid in what he said and he knows it so he really needs to apologize as I think Jamie is going to have to help him. I think the moment Nate will snap at Rupert if he said something awful about Jade and he will quit West Ham to return to AFC Richmond once he apologizes to Ted and the team.

    I read about some of the reviews over Love & Death as if it's written by Ben Travers at Indiewire, I don't read it. He's a shit writer who doesn't know shit about anything. Plus, I ain't dissing your Queen. She's awesome. I still hope they give Wanda a redemption arc and return to Westview with her boys and Vision and just chill out and watch some TV. Let her rest until the Avengers call for her help. Share some stories with Yelena about Natasha.

    1. Roy was VERY stupid, I'm surprised they wrote that at all tbh. It doesn't feel in character for him at all to ask her that. I still need to know WHY they broke up. I don't think I want Nate to return to Richmond, he has too much bad blood there, but he does need to apologize to Ted and Team and bury that hatchet. Then he can just be a friendly coach at another club.

      Right now I'm enjoying Love & Death more than Candy. Melanie Lynskey was the MVP there, but Elizabeth Olsen is just a much stronger actor than Jessica Biel and it shows.

  2. I'm 0 for all...typical of me. I do want to see Succession...love McFadyen. Ted Lasso sounds interesting too

    1. You gotta get in on some of these streaming services lol


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