Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

After an attack orchestrated by the High Evolutionary (Chukwudi Iwuji) and carried out by Adam Warlock, (Will Poulter) Rocket (Bradley Cooper) is gravely injured. This kicks off a mission for the rest of the Guardians to delve into Rocket's past to save his life.

I'm late on this review because life gets in the way, but you've probably heard time and time again how dark this is. And that's true. There's a lot of implied (and some seen) animal torture here. But it also gives us the most compelling Guardians story to date.

I have to shout out the VFX team first and foremost. They absolutely killed it here. As did the makeup team. If there's any justice, both teams will be Oscar nominated by the end of the year. 

Karen Gillan as Nebula was the standout actress for me in this film. I love how far Nebula has come as a character, and Dave Bautista as Drax finally gets to do a little more than being big and dumb. (though he's excellent at that) 

If I had one disappointment, I think I expected more from Adam Warlock as a character, but it's nice to see Will Poulter in something again.

I think this is a great bookend to the Guardians franchise, though I do hope we see some of them again in future Marvel films. 

Grade: B


  1. I would've liked more of Will Poulter as well though he was awesome in every scene he's in. I do hope we see everyone again. I love all of those characters as I'm glad that we got more of Nebula being reasonable and a little happier and Mantis being more useful. I wouldn't mind someone else tackling the Guardians just as long as James Gunn is still involved.

    1. I'm glad we actually got to see Mantis fight a little more in this one since she's pretty well versed in martial arts in the comics. I think as long as the actors have input whoever tackles them next will be okay. I thought the Russos did fine with them in Infinity War/End Game.

  2. I’m not sure I could take the spot where they do bad things to Rocky Raccoon. I still have to see the other movies about these guys.

    1. Rocket is my favorite Guardian so seeing him small and sad and hurt was rough. lol

  3.’s Birgit…I am not showing up as me.


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