Review: The Fighter

Please give Christian Bale that Oscar he deserved for The

The Fighter follows the early years of "Irish" Micky Ward. (Mark Wahlberg) He's being trained by his older brother, Dicky (Christian Bale) a former boxing legend turned junkie and managed by his perfectionist mother, Alice. (Melissa Leo) Micky's family is holding him back, they want him to relive Dicky's glory and don't see what is best for him. Micky's girlfriend, Charlene (Amy Adams) tries to help him realize this.

Micky Ward is a true underdog story, and this film is an intense, character driven drama that really brings that story to life on the big screen. Watching Micky's constant struggle to make his own way, prove himself as a father, brother, boyfriend, and to finally come out on top is inspiring. The cast is perfect. Wahlberg does great with Micky, but the bright star is definitely Bale as Dicky. He literally looks like a junkie, he lost a considerable amount of weight for the part. He goes from quirky to serious with ease, he provides a lot of the humor, and also some of the most touching parts. Leo is fantastic as their domineering mother and Adams' tough bartender balances out Micky's crazy family.

The Fighter is shot to feel like you're actually watching a boxing match on TV in the 80's. The soundtrack fits perfectly, but it's the cast that's going to be the most memorable part.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "You're my mother too!" - Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg)


  1. Joining your advicing the Academy to honor Bale. Finally. I will see this film for sure - Amy Adams is in it!

  2. definitely agree that the propels this movie. very well acted.

  3. Loved it! I'm glad it focused more on the family relationships rather than be this simple-minded boxing movie. It allowed for stellar work from the cast and gave the movie a little twist that made it slightly different from other movies of the genre.


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