Random Ramblings: Guess the Golden Globes.

With the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual Golden Globe nominations coming out tomorrow, I've decided to take a stab at the nominations and see how I do. The HFPA is known for substituting star power in for actual talent, so let's see how this goes. The comedy categories are going to be hard to guess in a year filled with great dramas. I'm not going to do all the categories, just the main ones.

Best Motion Picture Drama:
1) Inception
2) 127 Hours
3) Black Swan
4 The Social Network
5) The King's Speech

Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy:
1) The Kids Are All Right
2) Easy A
3) Cyrus (even though I think it's more of a drama..)
4) The Other Guys
5) Love and Other  (Maybe they'll throw that in comedy?)

Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama:
1) James Franco: 127 Hours
2) Jesse Eisenberg: The Social Network
3) Leonardo DiCaprio: Inception
4) Ryan Gosling: Blue Valentine
5) Jeff Bridges: True Grit

Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy:
1) John C. Reilly: Cyrus
2) Mark Wahlberg: The Other Guys
3) Will Ferrell: The Other Guys
4) Jim Carrey: I Love You Phillip Morris
5) Jake Gyllenhaal: Love and Other Drugs (again, if that's a comedy)

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama
1) Natalie Portman: Black Swan
2) Jennifer Lawrence: Winter's Bone
3) Michelle Williams: Blue Valentine
4) Noomi Rapace: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
5) Nicole Kidman: Rabbit Hole

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy
1) Annette Bening: The Kids Are All Right
2) Julianne Moore: The Kids Are All Right
3) Emma Stone: Easy A
4) Anne Hathaway: Love and Other Drugs
5) Julia Roberts: Eat, Prey, Love (you know they'll go there)

Best Supporting Actor:
1) Christian Bale: The Fighter
2) Andrew Garfield: The Social Network
3) Mark Ruffalo: The Kids Are All Right
4) Vincent Cassell: Black Swan
5) Bill Murray: Get Low

Best Supporting Actress:
1) Amy Adams: The Fighter
2) Melissa Leo: The Fighter
3) Helena Bonham-Carter: The King's Speech
4) Barbera Hershey: Black Swan
5) Mila Kunis: Black Swan

Best Director:
1) Christopher Nolan: Inception
2) Darren Aronofsky: Black Swan
3) Danny Boyle: 127 Hours
4) David Fincher: The Social Network
5) Lisa Cholodenko: The Kids Are All Right

Best Screenplay:
1) Inception
2) Black Swan
3) The Social Network
4) 127 Hours
5) The Kids Are All Right

Best Animated Feature:
1) Toy Story 3
2) How To Train Your Dragon
3) Tangled
4) Despicible Me
5) Megamind

Best Drama Series:
1) Breaking Bad
2) Mad Men
3) True Blood
4) Dexter
5) Rescue Me (please)

Best Comedy Series:
1) Modern Family
2) 30 Rock
3) The Office
4) Glee
5) The Big Bang Theory

Best Actor in a Drama Series:
1) Bryan Cranston: Breaking Bad
2) Michael C. Hall: Dexter
3) Jon Hamm: Mad Men
4) Denis Leary: Rescue Me (shut up, wishful thinking)
5) Hugh Laurie: House

Best Actor in a Comedy Series:
1) Alec Baldwin: 30 Rock
2) Jim Parsons: The Big Bang Theory
3) Steve Carrell: The Office
4) Glee: Matthew Morrison (HFPA are Gleeks)
5) Californication: David Duchovny

Best Actress in a Drama Series:
1) Anna Paquin: True Blood
2) January Jones: Mad Men
3) Kyra Sedgwick: The Closer
4) Glenn Close: Damages
5) Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit: Mariska Hargitay

Best Actress in a Comedy Series:
1) Tina Fey: 30 Rock
2) Toni Collette: The United States of Tara
3) Glee: Lea Michele
4) Edie Falco: Nurse Jackie
5) Amy Phoehler: Parks and Recreation

Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Television:
1) Neil Patrick Harris: How I Met Your Mother
2) Jeremy Piven: Entourage
3) Aaron Paul: Breaking Bad
4) Eric Stonestreet: Modern Family
5) Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Modern Family

Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Television
1) Christina Hendricks: Mad Men
2) Jane Lynch: Glee
3) Rose Byrne: Damages
4) Sofia Vergara: Modern Family
5) Elisabeth Moss: Mad Men


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