DVD Review: Easy A

Skank. Floosy. Trollop. Tramp

Olive (Emma Stone, who got nominated for a Golden Globe for the role) makes up a little white lie as an excuse for why she didn't go camping with her friend. She casually says she lost her virginity to a college boy. Queue the rumor mill, suddenly Olive finds herself the talk of the school. At first she doesn't mind the extra attention, and uses it to help a gay friend who's being tormented at school. They pretend to hook up, and that leads to Olive playing up her new reputation. Conveniently they are studying The Scarlett Letter in school, so she switches out her casual wardrobe for tight corsets and sky high heels, all with a red "A" embroidered to her shirt. What starts out as a joke suddenly goes too far.

The best word to describe this cast is "Charming." Emma Stone, Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Thomas Hayden Church and Aly Milchalka are charming in their roles. Tucci and Clarkson as probably the coolest parents in recent movie history. Church is an equally cool teacher. Milchalka, playing Olive's self absorbed best friend has plenty of amusing lines throughout. (see: Lady-balls) 

The movie pokes fun at a lot of 80's romantic comedies. Olive states throughout the film that she wants John Cusak outside her window and a musical number for "no reason." It never once feels like a dumb romantic comedy, it feels smart and fresh.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Perhaps you should get a wardrobe, you abominable twat." - Olive (Emma Stone)


  1. Er. I think I'm the only one who didn't like it. Everybody says it was smart, but I didn't notice that. Now I'm inclined to state that maybe I missed something because I hadn't watched the original version (meaning I saw the film not in English). That's just the same reason how I acquit me not liking of The Social Network.

  2. Since this was a DVD review, I'm interested in knowing how the package was. Any good extras on the disc, strong commentary, etc.? I liked the movie a lot, but I'm picky about what I buy and base a lot of my shopping on special features.

  3. I wish Tucci and Clarkson were my parents. I could watch this film ten more times just for them.

    I really thought this movie said some interesting things about the power of rumours, and how we might think an untruth is funny - or even helpful - but how it can turn ugly in a hurry.

    Good post!

  4. @Lyz The gag reel was pretty interesting, but I didn't watch it with the audio commentary and I didn't watch the auditions that were on there either. It didn't seem overly exciting.

  5. i liked this review. i'm on the fence about this becase i'm not sure i'll like it. but the reviews have generally been good.

  6. What made this film good is that it stood out in the midst of a hundred like it.


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