Indie Gems: All The Days Before Tomorrow

Somewhere out there...

Wes (Joey Kern) and Alison (Alexandra Holden) should probably be lovers. Instead they've been best friends throughout the years. Their travels have kept them apart as they drift from place to place, adding experiences to their lives. Alison is about to leave for Tokyo in the morning and pays Wes a visit. We then get flashbacks of what their lives were like together leading up to this moment. We also get a glimpse of Wes's dreams, that are often in black in white, in Pakistan, and involve someone known as El Doctor (Richard Roundtree)

I was actually quite impressed with Joey Kern here. I haven't seen a lot of his work, but whenever I do all I can think about is him getting arrested in Super Troopers. The dialogue was a bit dodgy at times, but the movie felt like a dream. These two people had been to places like Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, places I can only dream of. So the flow of the movie worked really well. It was almost like we're looking through Alison and Wes's own personal photo albums and we're rooting for them to discover each other along the way.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "She looks so happy." - Alison (Alexandra Holden)


  1. This movie is not one of the finest ones. The story of the movie is not unique but you can watch it for time pass. The direction of the movie is ordinary. The thing I like about this movie is the performances of Wes and Alison.


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