Indie Gems: All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

A feature length music video.

That's what the film felt like at times, but it is in no way a bad thing. All My Friends Are Funeral Singers is actually a side project by the band Califone. They even have an album of the same name, though it was released earlier. Director Tim Rutili is also in the band. They tour with both their film and album together, often playing the film's score live.

Zel (Angela Bettis) is a lonely fortune teller living in a house that she inherited from her grandmother. Not only did she inherit the house, but also several ghosts that live there. They assist her with her fortune telling, help her speak to those in the afterlife, but once they realize they can't leave they begin to turn against her. Zel isn't the one keeping them there, but while she doesn't want them to leave she has to find a way to help them.

Earlier I said that the film reminded me a lot of a music video. This isn't just because Califone plays throughout. It has a lot to do with the way the film drifts from scene to scene. There's a dreamy feel to it. With all the ghosts dressed in white, the use of the lighting and the camera angles. It all feels like a dream. I thought the story was creative. The performances were weak, I've never been a fan of Bettis' work but the director makes them enjoyable. Many will say this film is only for fans of Califone, but I do not agree with that statement. I think any fan of Indie films can appreciate this.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: C+

Memorable Quote: "It's not me that's keeping you here. You're doing this to yourselves." - Zel (Angela Bettis)


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