Review: Horrible Bosses

Psycho. Man eater. Tool.
The movie doesn't sugar coat it, these men have some really terrible bosses. Nick's (Jason Bateman) boss, Dave (Kevin Spacey) is an asshole that's essentially screwing with Nick's head about giving him a promotion. Kurt's (Jason Sudeikis) new boss, Bobby (Colin Farrell) is a coke head who's going to run his late father's company into the ground. Dale's (Charlie Day) boss, Julia (Jennifer Aniston) is a vulgar woman who constantly sexually harasses him at work. They can't quit their jobs for various reasons, so they hatch a plan to kill their bosses. That's the only way out.

I loved how over the top this was. I like a good R rated comedy, and this felt like it didn't hold back. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments and the cast was great. Even though Charlie Day's voice is like nails on a chalkboard occasionally, he was tolerable. The bosses were definitely the best part of the film. I liked how crude Jennifer Aniston was, it was a nice change from her normal rom-com self. Colin Farrell was great for the few scenes he was in, I wonder if most of his scenes got cut? Kevin Spacey stole the show. You can tell  he had a ball playing this character. He's is no stranger to playing complete dicks, he does it so well. Jamie Foxx also has a small but memorable role in the film. I loved the Snow Falling on the Cedars reference. This has been the best full on comedy I've seen all year. I say "full on" because I enjoyed Super more, but that movie had a lot of dramatic elements to it.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "I'm gonna get that dong, Dale." - Julia (Jennifer Aniston)


  1. so glad you liked it! i loved it! the chemistry between the guys was pitch perfect. and, as you said, spacey is the biggest meanie ever.

  2. I thought this was quite hilarious. It's also nicely paced and as you said, it gets more over-the-top as it unfolds. I would also say it's my favorite full comedy of the year but did you see Bridesmaids?

  3. I thought this was pretty funny. Bateman, Day and Sudeikis had really great chemistry and Aniston, Spacey, and Farrell were all pretty evil and villainous as the bosses.. I did wish it would have gotten a bit darker with it's subject at certain times but overall, pretty good I thought. Good Review! Check out mine when you can!

  4. I really enjoyed this movie as a laugh out loud comedy. I usually am offended by crude humor, but I thought every joke was funny. If you see the trailer to this movie, you know exactly what your getting. One boss is a psycho (Kevin Spacey), one boss is a real tool(Colin Farrell), and the the other one is a female sexual harasser black mailer (Jenifer Aniston). The movie is packed with cameos of well known stars. If your an adult, and can handle profanity, I would recommend this movie.


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