DVD Review La Vie En Rose

La môme
Ah, the French. They make some beautiful movies.
La Vie En Rose is based on the true story of French singer Edith Piaf. (Marion Cotillard) She grew up on the streets and eventually became a famous singer, but not without plenty of hardships on the way. The movie jumps around to show different parts of her life, with Cotillard playing Piaf from a teen all the way to an elder lady.
Cotillard lip synced to Piaf's voice for the film. Normally lip syncing is not as impressive, but for movies based on famous singers I think it works. Plus you can really tell how hard Cotillard worked to perfect it. Everything from the way she moved her lips to how she was breathing during her songs was spot on. She even went as far as to shave off her hairline and her eyebrows to look more like Piaf. Cotillard is a taller woman, and Piaf was exceptionally small. Cotillard hunches and manages to closely resemble her waif frame. Her performance was beyond impressive. When Cotillard won the Oscar, I had not seen the film. After my first viewing there was no doubt in my mind that they picked the right person. Not to mention her acceptance speech was beyond adorable.
The only issue with Cotillard being so good is that everyone else came off as part of the background rather than a supporting cast. No one gave as memorable of a performance as she did. The un-chronological approach of the story can be occasionally hard to follow, but never boring. The only issue I had with the DVD was I wish the subtitles would've included the songs. They only covered the talking.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: A-
Memorable Quote: "I sing the same way that I talk!" - Edith Piaf (Marion Cotillard)


  1. i agree that cotillard blew the rest of the cast away, but she was just so gooood! and i do prefer lip syncing in movies, rather than trying to get a sing to "act."

  2. Gosh, I love Cotillard in this. She is so amazing that for the whole movie, I forgot that was actually someone just pretending to be Piaf!

  3. I want to re-watch it so badly.
    Marion was mind-blowing.


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