Indie Gems: Sweet Jane

Not that you needed any proof, but JGL excelled at the darker roles at a young age.

Jane (Samantha Mathis) is a heroin addict. We first meet her when she's passed out on the streets, the cops take her to the local hospital where she finds out she's HIV positive. Not that she cares, she's more concerned with scoring her next hit. When she leaves, she's followed by Tony (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) a 15 year old AIDs victim himself. He has no family, no home, he forms a bond with Jane, even when she's not that thrilled to have him around.

This movie is insanely low budget, and the editing is sometimes distracting. However low budget doesn't equal low quality performances. Both Mathis and JGL are great here. Mathis plays a convincing addict. She's unstable, unpredictable, but her growing affection for Tony feels real. (and even a little creepy at one point) It's no surprise to see that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has somewhat excelled in playing darker roles since then. This is a complicated role for a 15 year old to play, and he nails it. There were plenty of times during this film where I could've cried for Tony.

If you get a chance to see this film, please do. It's currently available on Netflix discs. Both of the actors have gone on to do wonderful things, and it's a shame this little film gets missed. It is a must see.

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "I want to die with you." - Tony (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)


  1. This sounds like a movie I'd definitely appreciate. I'm adding it to my list.


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