DVD Review: A.C.O.D

Adult children of divorce.

Carter (Adam Scott) has been caught up between his parent's (Richard Jenkins and Catherine O'Hara) rough relationship and subsequent divorce all his life. He finally found a middle ground as an adult. When his little brother's engagement happens, Carter has to find a way for them to be civil in the same room, he then learns he was actually a part of a study of the effects divorce has on children by Dr. Judith (Jane Lynch) and that really makes everything worse.

The premise of this was interesting. Technically, I'm an A.C.O.D. I joke about my parent's divorce being (and at times, still) a gigantic pain in the ass, but they are happy and it's all in good fun. I expected this film to feel a little similar, but how does a film with Scott, Jenkins, Lynch, and Amy Poehler end up so drastically unfunny?

'Average' is how I would describe this film. There's nothing special about it. The talent of its cast is wasted, the ending is beyond stupid and unnecessary, there were no laughs. At all. I didn't completely hate it while I was watching it, I just wanted it to be something more, and it never was.

Recommended: No

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "You must be Rick." - Michelle (Jessica Alba)


  1. This pretty much sums up all my suspicions, Brittani. I just saw the preview the other day... and, despite the cast, the whole thing looked like it was aiming for ' not shitty' at best.

    Oh well. I'd probably watch Jenkins in just about anything.

    1. "Aiming for 'not shitty' at best." - Yep. That. Exactly that.

  2. Hmmm, I always passed by this title when I'm browsing Netflix but good thing I haven't rented it yet. Looks funny from the trailer but I had a hunch the actual movie wouldn't be.

    1. Yeah, it is definitely nothing special, unfortunately.

  3. Great review. I agree with what you said, about wanting it to be something more. I like the cast, but this doesn't work in any of their favors.

  4. I'll definitely see that because I like so many people in the cast but yeah I'm not hoping for anything awesome, haven't seen one glowing review for that one.


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