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The Walking Dead - episode 4.10: Inmates

Well, the powers that be said we would "get inside Beth's head" this season and that's exactly how we started out this episode; with Beth narrating an entry in her diary. It was from when they first arrived at the prison, and how she looked forward to making it a home. As her and Daryl dramatically fell in the middle of a field, she says "we can live here for the rest of our lives."

Scene cuts to Beth and Daryl around a fire, and her telling Daryl they should do something, that they can't be the only survivors. I guess these people never thought of a rendezvous point in case they got split up, which I find incredibly stupid considering they had an exit strategy. How do you not think these things through? Anyways, they start to track, they come upon some dead bunnies in a log, blood on some plants, and some dead walkers that were apparently feasting on humans. A close up shot of a little black shoe pretty much confirms it was Luke and Molly (the other two kids with Mika and Lizzie in episode 4.8) that were eaten.

We move on to group # 2, Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese and Judith. I never thought Judith was dead. Sure I read spoiler forums for TWD all of the time, but it clearly looked like Tyreese was carrying her away in the finale, so there was never a sense of "OMG who has Judith?" for me. Lizzie it showing some psychopathic tenancies, with stabbing those baby bunnies (so Beth and Daryl aren't too far behind them) to making that off handed remark about Sasha being dead, to finally, nearly smothering Judith to keep her quiet. Yeah, Lizzie is the rat feeder. As Tyreese went all hammer time to try to save some people being attacked by walkers, we hear someone call his name. It's Carol. 

I'm so happy we got her back early in this episode. I was afraid we'd have to wait longer. She's not sure if Tyreese knows what she did, but when he runs up to her to give her a hug, she wisely doesn't mention the fact that Rick kicked her out. I'm sure there will be people who love to demonize Carol that will say "Oh she lied because she's a cold blooded murderer" but let's be real here. She did the right thing. I have no doubt that Carol will come clean to Tyreese, but it's better to do that once the children are somewhere safe and they don't have to worry about fighting out in the open. (Personally, I think Tyreese, and the rest of the group will forgive her. Rick will be the hardest sell) 

A dying man tells them to follow the tracks to the 'sanctuary.' They see a map saying anyone who arrives, survives. X marks the spot to the ominous  'Terminus.'

Our next group is Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. Sasha is dressing Bob's wound, and Maggie is too preoccupied to try to set up camp or find food, she wants to find Glenn. Not wanting to split up, the three walk down the road and find the bus full of red shirts.  Maggie needs to make sure Glenn isn't among them, after nearly all are dispatched, there's a cheap trick with a black haired walker who's face we don't see. Maggie stabs him, and her crying turns into laughing. Glenn and Beth weren't there. She's good.

Finally, we're back at the prison. Glenn some how ended up on the walk way bridge and passed out. He sees the destruction and realizes he's alone. He heads back to his cell black to grab some supplies. (Including his picture of sleeping Maggie) which he throws into that hitchhiker that Rick ignored last season's backpack. He puts on his riot gear, and on his way out he notices Tara has locked herself behind a fence. He goes to her and realizes she never shot any of her bullets. She's in shock. "I helped cause this." she tells them. Then she mentions she saw her sister Lilly be eaten by walkers after she put down the Governor. Glenn needs her help, and they high tail it out of the prison.

On the road. (They must not be too far behind Maggie, Sasha and Bob) Tara tells Glenn how awful she feels, and how the Governor tricked them and "killed that old man." There you have it, Glenn now knows about Hershel. He says Hershel said they have to have faith, and that is what they are going to do. Stick together and help find Maggie. Glenn, who is still pretty sick passes out from exhaustion. Tara saved him from a walker, and after she's done said walker's skull in, she screams to someone off screen "I hope you enjoyed the show, assholes."

Three people show up. "You got a damn mouth on you, girl, you know that? What else you got?" Yep. That's Sgt Abraham Ford, Eugene, and Rosita. Comic fans just had a nerdgasm. 

Overall, I liked this episode better than 4.9, from the previews it looks like we're only going to see Glenn and Rick's group on the next episode. I'm still not a fan of these bottle formats, so hopefully some of the groups meet up soon. I'm psyched Carol is back (though now I suppose I have to accept that she IS the killer, and the writers are really just that bad with character development) Scott Gimple mentioned that the killer and the rat feeder are two different people. Well, I think it's pretty damn obvious that Lizzie is the rat feeder, and my previous predictions were that Carol was either covering for Lizzie or Carl. I don't see that happening now. The writers really missed an interesting story for Carol covering for Carl, in my opinion.

True Detective - episode 1.5: The Secret Fate of Life

*Can we talk about how hilarious it was when Cohle and Hart were totally bullshitting their story to those other detectives? Omg.

*Why didn't Walt and Jesse think of booby trapping the area around their meth lab in season 1? (We know they got kind of lab snobby in the later seasons)

*I screamed 'holy shit!' at my TV when LaDue tripped over that wire and effectively exploded. 

*Ha! Creepy Lizzie from The Walking Dead is playing the older version of Hart's younger daughter.

*Can you imagine your own father calling you 'Captain of the Varsity Slut Team?"

*The big reveal at the end of this episode is that the detectives think Cohle is in on the murders all along. I'm not buying it, but it's still bloody interesting.

*I feel like TD twat blocked me a little though, I thought were were going to find out why Cohle and Hart had a falling out. The suspense is killing me!

Game of Thrones released another season 4 trailer that included this shot:

Book readers will know how fucking important this shot is. I'm about to do a back flip over here.


  1. Loved this week's episode of The Walking Dead! My favorite group just has to be the one with Tyresse, Carol, Mika, and Lizzie. Ah yes Lizzie. Probably one of the most intriguing characters on the show. The kid who plays her is great and we need to see more of the character. ...

    1. That's easily my favorite group too. Lizzie seems to be a budding psychopath. I think I have an idea where they are going with that, but if I'm right, it's going to be pretty brutal.

  2. I loved new episode of TD - oh God McConaughey's arms with that shotgun - I wish we saw Rust get some action, Marty gets all the girls. Harrelson had such good scenes too, mainly the interview scenes of the episode.

    1. Right? Cohle would probably be so weird during a sex scene though. lol. They were both awesome in this episode.

  3. i soooo want to watch true detective but i don't have the channel so i have to wait, and i can't read your recaps! but as for the walking, i was thrilled we got a little of carol earlier in the episode too!! i wonder where he storyline is going...i'm intrigued. i actually like how we don't know everything there is to know about every character still and how it's still unfolding. i didn't care for the beginning of the episode and definitely was confused by the placement in characters. looking for more cohesiveness as the episodes progress.

    1. I can't wait to see how Carol's story unfolds. I know it's going to cause tension in the group, but I hope it ultimately follows the theme of the season "Can we come back from the things we've done?" and I think Carol can. Without dying too, if they kill her off I will be so angry.

  4. Great recap Brittani. You do a good job summarizing so many plot points. I actually didn't realize that Luke and Molly were the two children who were killed. That makes that scene all the more disturbing.

    I'm disappointed by what Scott Gimple said. I would have totally thought that Carol was covering for Lizzie. It would make the most sense. Remember when Carol was pushing Lizzie to dispatch her 'soon to be' zombie father and she couldn't do it? I thought perhaps Lizzie was trying to prove something so she killed the two sick people and then Carol covered it up.

    If they go the route where it really was Carol, I think they're missing a great opportunity. If it was Carol, I would find it hard to trust her. I mean, what if I was the one to get sick? 'Ah Rick, make sure you don't let Carol come near me. I'll take my chances out in the woods." If it was Carol who killed those people, IMO it was so futile b/c of the way viruses work and are contracted. Especially if the virus is airborne.

    I am glad that she's back though. I think she adds a lot of strength to the group. They're going to need her. If only to rescue poor little baby Judith from psycho girl.

    Lizzie is turning out to be quite the little psychopath. She is no doubt the rat feeder and is cutting up small animals inside/ and now outside of the prison. There was a child psycho killer in the comics too.


    If I recall correctly they found out a child had started killing people, but they couldn't bring themselves to kill the child or abandon him. Carl, being the blossoming sociopath he is, ended up doing the deed with no one looking.

    1. Thank you! Right, Billy and Ben in the comics. The biggest problem I've always had the with "Carol is a killer" story line is that it makes no sense whatsoever for her character. Her character, above all has always been showed as nurturing, caring, and intelligent. For her to all of a sudden commit these murders. (And not get a single drop of blood on her clothes, she didn't change clothes between those two episodes) is ridiculous, IMO.

      I really like the "Carol is covering for Carl" theory. It makes the most sense to me that she would cover for him to protect Rick. She saw how Rick freaked out on Tyreese and she knows that he's been trying hard to help Carl "come back." Carl's motivation would be protecting Judith, so I could see him doing this to try to stop the virus and protect her. (Plus, he changed clothes)

      Personally, I've started to accept that Carol IS probably the killer. I still think it's awful writing, but I'm hoping she'll be the one to "come back" from what she's done. I also think she's going to end up having to put down Lizzie for the group's greater good. That will end up being her "redemption" in the eyes of Rick.


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