Rambling TV: The Walking Dead season finale

The season finale of The Walking Dead, A, was like having really good sex with your partner. Then they get up and leave before you finish.

Sticking to the awful bottle format, we start off with Carl, Rick, and Michonne. They camp out in a car overnight, and get surrounded by Daryl's group of Marauders. Comic readers recognized this scene, it's a re-imagining of a similar one with Carl, Rick, and Abraham instead. Daryl tries to offer himself instead, but he gets his ass kicked instead. Pervy marauder decides he's going to try to rape Carl, Rick goes full Shane and rips out his throat with his teeth. 

Rick and Daryl have a little bonding moment, but instead of appreciating it, it just made me angry. Rick says he doesn't blame Daryl for being with them, he was alone. That was a key word for me. Alone, like Rick left Carol alone. Daryl was supposed to care for her, this would've been a good moment to bring that up. Either for Rick to apologize to Daryl for doing that, or for Daryl to bring up the fact that he was still angry about it. Nope. The powers that be hated the 'Caryl' ship, and this felt like just another way of them stomping all over it. 

One thing I really enjoyed about this episode was Michonne and Carl's bonding. Michonne talked more about what happened to her son, what she did to her boyfriend, and they hugged it out. I like that Carl and Michonne have each other. I hope she keeps that strong friendship with Carl and Rick. I used to want Michonne and Rick to hook up, but I'd be happy if they just stayed close friends as well. 

They get to Terminus, it seems legit, then they start noticing all the people having Team Prison's belongings, they get lured into a trap, and put into a train car where they FINALLY meet up with Glenn's group. Rick stares at Tara like a total asshole until Maggie explains that they're friends. The episode ended with "They're messing with the wrong people."

Twat blocked.

This episode was littered with flashbacks, which at first I really liked. It was good to see Hershel again. In hindsight, they were a total waste of time. I would've rather spent that time getting further into Terminus and checking in with Carol and Ty. It's starting to feel so redundant. How many epiphanies is Rick going to have about brutality?

I'm so disappointed with this season overall. Especially when I was liking this episode so much until the last 10 minutes. But that's okay, because quality TV starts again next week with Game of Thrones. Then I have that, Veep, True Blood, The Newsroom, and Boardwalk Empire to keep be occupied until I (hopefully don't) suffer through The Walking Dead again. Scott Gimple said on Talking Dead that next season will be very different. I fucking hope so, because this one was by far the worst. (And that's not just because I'm a jaded Carol fan)

Thankfully Sati tweeted me these gifs, so I can at least laugh about something.


  1. I felt the season peaked during that episode of Lizzy and Carol. Heck, the mid-season finale was better than this one.

    1. The Grove was easily the best episode this season.

  2. Oh man, well good thing at least some of the episode was good, I'm still bitter about last year's finale of GoT, even though there were many individually good things in it, finale is kinda a big deal since it's the last thing you see before the show comes back after months.

    6..more...days.... :)

    1. Even though I didn't care for the final scene of GoT's finale, they at least know how to tell a story in 1 hour. TWD hasn't quite figured that out finale wise yet.

  3. #1 pull True Blood off your list of good shows right now ;) I just haven't like that show the past few seasons and will be glad to see it go.. though I must finish it out. Back to Walking Dead. I actually liked this season. I know a lot of people were bored with it but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was fun to see all the slow episodes and get to know people more.

    SPOILERS: I think those people that the group is stuck with on Walking Dead are cannibals. Mind you I haven't read the graphic novels yet.

    1. lol, yes True Blood hasn't been a good show since season 5. I'm glad that one is coming to an end.

      I can see them going the cannibal route too. The Hunters (cannibals) in the comics were just a small arc, but I think they'll include it.


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