Rambling TV: Thoughts on Game of Thrones, Agents of SHEILD + more

Game of Thrones:
Sansa perfectly demonstrating how I feel about her story

Winterfell - Uggghhh here we go. Littlefinger, who at some point apparently suffered a traumatic brain injury is now marrying Sansa to Ramsay Bolton against her will. Sure, she goes along at the promise of avenging her family, but Littlefinger says he doesn't know much about Ramsay and he's about to LEAVE HER THERE ALONE. Way to go, Turbo. (Though Sophie Turner was absolutely brilliant in this episode. Especially in the above gif and when she meets Roose Bolton for the first time.)

Moat Cailin - Brienne and Pod had this beautiful moment where Pod says he's proud to be her squire then she ruins it by talking about killing Stannis. Brienne, bby, join Stannis, don't kill him. Renly sucked anyways.

King's Landing - Ewwww Tommen and Margaery. But the amount of shade she threw at Cersei was glorious. We also got to meet the High Sparrow. 

Castle Black - My favorite scenes again are at The Wall. Janos Slynt's head finally rolled. I'm disappointed they changed the line from "Edd, fetch me a block" to "Olly, fetch me my sword" it just doesn't have the same ring to it, but the scene was awesome and Stannis' approval was excellent.

Volantis - I'm a bit sad we won't get more of Tyrion and Varys' banter now that Jorah has effectively kidnapped him. Although it looks really stupid since he's being kidnapped and taken to the destination he was going in the first place.

You can't fire Dan!! ARRGHHHHHHHH

Agents of SHIELD
There was way too much of Skye/Cal in this episode. Like wayyy to much. Chloe Bennett is getting better but she's still not a strong enough actor to carry that many scenes, especially not opposite of Kyle MacLachlan who is SO fucking terrible.

Coulson told Ward he will put him through the Tahiti protocol to wipe his memories. This sounds like a cheap plot device to make Ward a good guy again.

Cue massive misunderstandings..

19 Kids and Counting.
Ah, another episode of Duggar cultural ignorance. France and Italy, I'm so sorry you were subjected to the Seewalds. 

Also SO MUCH BABIEZZZZ!! That's all they cared about in this episode. Quiverfull has to out breed us heathens. I do have to laugh at Jessa and BenJERmin's People magazine spread. It looks like they either photoshopped Jessa's bump to be bigger, or photoshopped her head (poorly) on another body completely.
Actual photo of Jessa taken a few days ago:


  1. Another fun post even if most of what you're talking about is lost on me. In case you haven't seen it, you won the Spot the Titles Contest. Congrats!

    1. Yaass! I haven't gotten a chance to read blogs today. That was fun.

  2. Loved the recap! About Veep - I'm sure Dan will be back, man did I love Ben and Kent telling him off!

    1. I hope so. I have this weird soft spot for Dan and Amy's banter. And I love seeing him yell at Jonah, of course.


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