Rambling TV: Thoughts on Better Call Saul, Agents of SHIELD + more

Better Call Saul

WHY CHUCK!?!?! WHY!?!?!?! Did that final scene not break your heart? It made me so angry.

I love seeing Mike in his element though, and that "criminal" speech he gave was perfect. 

Agents of SHIELD

After last week's episode fell on its face, this one was better again. We got to see what really drove Mack and Bobbi into the "real SHIELD"

Skye also escapes with that eyeless guy whose name I keep forgetting.

FitzSimmons held hands! But next week's preview shows him leaving everyone else, the fuck is that?

19 Kids and Counting

Duggar snark must be picking up on Twitter because I'm interacting with a lot more people that appreciate the comedy gift that keeps on giving. This week's episode was the two hour Jessa/BenJERmin wedding extravaganza. Here are my thoughts:

Jim Bob is still a creepy pervert and he and Michelle still managed to try to make a lot of this wedding all about him. (Like when Jessa said she didn't want her dad to literally hand her over to BenJERmin, J'chelle had to pipe up and say "BUT HE'S GIVING YOU AWAY!!!!111!!!"

Hey, speaking of trying to make someone else's wedding about themselves. Let's talk about Jill. Jill has gone from one of the Duggar kids I thought I liked the most to one of my most hated after her courtship/wedding/ME ME ME. So Jill, all of FIVE months pregnant decides she is much to pregnant to paint her own toenails and has her husband do it for her in the bridal suite. Not at home, before the event. Jessa asked Jill how her vale looked, and Jill couldn't even be bothered to take her eyes off her husband to check it for her. Then, because they're married, (remember guys, Jill is MARRIED) She cannot walk 30 feet out of the wedding with the Groomsman she was assigned to. Her husband has to interrupt and walk her down the aisle instead, but not before awkwardly dipping her back for a kiss in front of everyone, despite the couple that actually got married not doing that in front of everyone. Fuck off, Jill.

Also I love that Jessa and BenJERmin didn't kiss in front of anyone. JB's boner probably died a slow death.

I felt bad for Jinger during the rehearsal dinner. She said she felt unworthy to have Jessa as a sister and she's been with her during her "lowest" points. These kids are sheltered, what low points could she be talking about? Do her parents make her spend a lot of time in the prayer closet or something for not being a good enough Christian? 

I spotted a flip phone of shame as well.

Also Ben's dad is kind of a douche, right? His wedding "well wishes" were harsh. 


I had a free preview of Starz this weekend and I DVR'd all the episodes. This show is actually pretty good, and now I'm annoyed I won't be able to see the next episodes for while.


  1. I love how, when the show first started, I was kind of endeared towards them as a family...but now...I effing hate everything about them.

    And I sense a lot of deepseated issues brewing that JB and especially Michelle are trying to keep under wraps...I mean, Jinger's breakdown seemed a tad telling.

    UGH, I told my wife that I found it unsettling that even JB had to sidehug his own daughter for fear he'd get a boner.

    And that prayer circle on stage made me throw up a little.

    1. Also..."moist"


    2. Oh no, how did I forget to put that in here! Ice cream IS moist.

      Yeah, Jim Bob is a creepy perv. Their cult doesn't even trust men to change baby girls' diapers for fear that they will get aroused, and of course it's always the woman's fault. She has to dress modestly so that men don't stare at her. They're not accountable for their own actions.

      The thing about Jinger really freaks me out to be honest. I'm sure she was just made to feel like she wasn't Godly enough for whatever reason, but the fact that the guy that leads their cult has been accused of perving on young girls, what if that happened to her and her idiot parents blame her? :(

    3. Is that bit about baby girls and diapers actually true?! I am off to take a scalding shower. :-/

    4. Apparently so. I saw a link to it, but I'm too lazy to find it. lol

    5. It makes me wonder if some of the men drawn to the extreme end of the fundamentalist movement have seriously twisted sexual proclivities. They're looking to be saved from themselves.

      It's also a great haven for misogynists and controlling bullies because "God" will condone them being that kind of husband and father. Jesus wept. :-(

    6. I think the kind of men that go into Christian patriarchy have serious "short man syndrome." Jim Bob especially. He's really passive aggressive with Michelle (but she's is a lunatic) I think he makes her feel bad about herself for being a normal teenage cheerleader when he was a complete dork. I think her eating disorder was entirely made up by him. I think a lot of innocent teenage things she did are greatly exaggerated by him.

    7. Apparently I have a lurid fascination with this since I keep coming back and commenting on your 19 Kids ... commentary. Maybe it's because I was raised in such a liberal/secular family, it's a bit like visiting a different planet. (Though I met loads of fundamentalists through homeschooling, some kind, sane people and some not so much.)

      But who am I kidding? I am just fascinated with insanity in all forms. :-P

    8. The homeschooling part of it is a joke when you look at their curriculum. One of the Duggar's nearly 11 year old son just started 4th grade last week. Education is not a priority for this family.

    9. Our homeschool "curriculum" is pretty relaxed too, so -- without knowing any more about it -- I can't throw stones. But I do have the impression that some homeschoolers put more emphasis on indoctrination than on critical thinking and education.

    10. That's exactly what I'm referring to. A lot of ATI's stuff is online, they teach the Bible as if it were a literal thing and ignore actual science. When the Duggars had their first special, they showed Michelle teaching all of her kids (including the grade school ones) about bankruptcy law, because being debt free is a HUGE part of ATI.

    11. There is a plethora of "Creation Science" curricula available to homeschoolers as well as history curricula starting with literal 6-day creation, the flood, etc. IMO, "creation science" is an oxymoron. I have nothing against teaching that God is the creator of the universe, of course, but it's isn't science. :-)

      As for the whole deal being accomplished in 6 days, Eastern Standard Time, dinosaurs having been on the ark, the whole nine yards ... well, there are plenty of curricula out there promoting that. At one time, I actually had difficulty finding secular science materials marketed to homeschoolers.

      On the positive side, I think teaching a debt-free life is a great idea. I'm definitely promoting that with my kids. I learned the hard way. :-D

    12. Debt-free is a good thing to teach, but there was an episode where JB and J'chelle were giving their daughter Jill and her husband Derick "marriage counseling" and JB basically bullied Derick into saying he will never go into debt. Like having a credit card is the worst thing ever. (Yeah, I barely use my own credit card, but I still have it just in case)

      There was an episode where they went to the creation museum and it was hysterical because you could tell there were a couple kids that really considered that evolution could make sense. lol

      I guess I believe in both. I believe in God, I think he started everything, but not 6 literal days. There was an episode of South Park that made a really good point about evolution being the answer to "how" and not the answer to "why" in regards to Christianity. I like that.

    13. Jim Bob sounds like a real prize. I look forward to hearing about the episode where Michelle stops drinking the Kool Aid and decides to divorce him and take all their financial assets.

      I couldn't agree more about the "how" and "why" thing. That's one of my main peeves about the concept of "Creation Science." Scientists who claim to be able to disprove God's existence piss me off too. Religion is not science or vice versa. They are entirely different schools of thought that seek to answer entirely different questions.

    14. Oh, Michelle will never leave. She loves being a fundie too much. It's the unmarried children who I look forward to leaving, because right now marriage is the only way to leave their house.

  2. This post makes me so glad I don't watch reality tv.

    1. lol 19 Kids is the only one I watch. I have a weird fascination with Christian fundamentalism.

    2. I've never watched reality TV, unless a couple of episodes of American Idol counts. I did watch part of the very first episode of 19 Kids ... on Netflix one night, just for the hell of it, and quickly got bored. I'm sure it gets more interesting/crazy as it goes along.


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