Rambling TV: Thoughts on Game of Thrones, Agents of SHIELD + more

Game of Thrones
I feel like I'm going to have to split my thoughts this seasons from "Show POV" and "Book POV"

The opener was a slower episode, but still fascinating and it got the ball rolling. 

Show POV: I loved Tyrion and Vary's scenes, Dany's scenes, and everything involving Jon and Stannis. I like that they included Cersei's flashback (though it sucks they cut it off, I'm assuming we'll revisit it later if not, see book POV) It's about fucking time Dany said the name of her other two dragons on the show too. 

Book POV: If this is actually the end of Mance's story, what a fucking waste. Knowing where Sansa's story is going (Me? Avoid spoilers? No.) is going to make me rage. Also no valanqor mention? None at all? Come on, man!

Better Call Saul
It's funny that the season finale was the weakest episode of the season. It wasn't bad, it just didn't have that top notch quality the others did. The last comment from Saul to Mike was brilliant though. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Agents of SHIELD

"Oh, you didn't know?" I wanted to punch that dude every time he said this to Skye. Apparently she missed out on the debriefing packet every person brought to Bumblefuck China is supposed to get. 

I loved FitzSimmons pulling a fast one on the "real" SHIELD. It's nice to see them back on the same page.

So Skye's mother, or some version of her is still alive. Great, can we kill off her father now? 

Poor Gary. This episode was hysterical though. They go by so fast though. 

19 Kids and Counting.
Everyone is so EXCITED Jill is having a baby. It's CRAZY. Do you know how many times the words "excited" and "crazy" were used to describe Jill's pregnancy? At least 20 times. No one in this family knows any other adjectives. 

Also can we talk about Duggar logic here? They had a gender reveal party for their baby, so they go out and buy pink candy and blue candy. They're going to fill a pinata with the winner. They also make Derick's brother buy a pink and a blue bouquet to surprise Derick's mother. Why wouldn't you just wait until you found out, THEN buy all this crap? Isn't saving money one of the biggest things they pushed for in the earlier season? This was so stupid.

Also I'm pretty sure this pet dog of theirs is just a stray they randomly used for the show. Pets shouldn't be near this family after that kitten fiasco of an episode a few years ago. Or that one where they fed all those dogs a shit ton of cheese while J'chelle did nothing. Or Derick purposely trying to run a cat over on a sled this year

Also Jill and Derick, we get it. You're married. You don't have to hold hands 24/7. You're allowed to fuck now. Their birthing classes were so awkward because they are clinging to each other when all the other couples are just acting normal.

I think all the Jim Bob talking heads should come with a "boner meter" icon in the corner of the screen. His pervy talk about how "the man gets the woman pregnant, so he has to help" was creepy as fuck. 

It was also announced this week that  Jill and Derick had their baby and named him Palestine Israel. And he was nearly 10 lbs, because that's what happens when you go two weeks over your due date.  Then in true Duggar fashion, they photoshopped his name on Israel, the country's flag to announce his birth and hastaged it #standwithisrael Way to turn your child into a political statement.


  1. I need to see new Veep ^ Oh yeah! She finally named the dragons! :D

    1. Turns out I was pronouncing Viserion's name wrong in my head. That always happens, I missed that 2nd "i" in the name. lol


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