Rambling TV: Thoughts on the Duggar Scandal + Non-depressing Shows.

Let's get the rant out of the way first.

19 Kids and Counting.
You've probably heard about this show in the news this week and I wanted to touch up on that since I make fun of the Duggars so much. Now maybe people who don't know about their cult will see why they are not good people. 

There's been rumors online for years that the oldest son, Josh molested someone. It was known as "sin in the camp" and many thought it had to do with a daughter of a senator that Jim Bob knew. There was also a rumor about a failed Oprah show where she brought up an accusation that Josh molested his sisters. Even less people believed that one over the first. Well, it turns out both are true. Here's the statement from People. and Here's the full police report from In Touch. Here's a quick timeline of events from Crushable.

Josh, or Smugger as I typically call him did molest five girls, and the police report gave away that four of them were his own sisters. If you follow the show it's kind of easy to narrow down who three of them are at least. It's disgusting. In the People article, Josh said he and his victims were given counseling, however when you read the police report, this counselling was basically JB and Michelle sending Josh to a construction worker friend who is not a licensed therapist. So he got mentored and did a bit of manual labor. Nice.

That People statement also has the audacity to focus on how it ruined Josh's life and barely says a thing about the victims' whose lives HE ruined and who were forced to live with him after all of this. And knowing the cult the Duggars are in, they probably made the girls to feel like it was something THEY did wrong. They teach girls that it's up to them to cover their bodies because men can't control their urges. Then Jim Bob ended that article with "as people watch our lives, know we are not perfect." He fucking shilled his own show. 

Now they've succeeded in getting the records expunged. Though what good will that do? The internet is forever. Plus, that court document basically flat out confirms which one of the girls is filing it. 

The sad thing about all of this, it isn't uncommon in the Gothard-cult world. Jim Bob and Michelle knew this was going on, and waited years to tell anyone. And when they did, they took him to a police officer who was a family friend, for a "stern talking to" and no report filed. That friend, by the way, is serving a 56 year sentence in jail for child pornography. I think I know why JB took him to this particular person now. When someone actually brought this to light, and notified Oprah's people at Harpo studios prior to the show taping, the statute of limitations ran out. Then they got him to court a girl whose parents do prison ministry and are big on forgiving people. 

Some say Josh is just a product of the fucked up environment he lives in. Where there is so much focus on sex and making babies, yet they are not allowed to do the number one thing that relieves sexual frustration. (masturbation) The girls are forced to dress "modestly" to stop desires of men because patriarchy. No front hugs or visible shoulders between siblings. Now we know why. I agree his environment warps his vision, but not enough to take blame away from him. A 14 year old knows not to fondle his young, sleeping sisters. A 14 year old knows not to molest his FOUR year old sister as he reads her a story. Another thing, one of the kids in that police report referred to the vagina as a "pee pee holder." That's a problem.

So fuck you, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Michelle, you had the audacity to record a robo call telling people that transgender men and women will molest your children if they get to use the same public restrooms, yet your own fucking son molested your daughters. They continued to live together, and you sent them frequently to Washington D.C (where Smugger lives) to practically nanny for their molester. (And if you're interested in hearing what their cult says about sex abuse, Gawker has that covered for you.)

Fuck you Josh, for ruining people's lives. You worked for a hate group trying to take rights away from LGBT and women, yet look what you did? You say they are not fit to have children. You are not fit to be around your own siblings. 

I feel so terribly for his victims. I already felt bad for most of them for being stuck in this cult in the first place, but now it's even worse. Now the way some of the carry themselves makes even more sense. Look what they had to live with? I'm glad Oprah and her people did the right thing by turning these fucks over. It's too bad it didn't happen sooner. Also why does sex abuse have a statute of limitations? the fuck?

Also God damn, they beat their children with rods too? That was also in the police report.

And now so this week's Rambling TV isn't a complete downer:

Game of Thrones

Winterfell: Poor Sansa is getting the Jeyne Poole treatment. Locked in her room, bruised. She gives Theon the candle to go to the tower, and I held my breath the entire time he was walking up the stairs, and it all dropped when Ramsay was there. I loved Sansa bringing the subtle sass though, mentioning "bastard" to Ramsay a few times. Brienne and Pod need to make a move now, my God.

On the road to Winterfell: Stannis got all lusty after Melisandre, Sati fainted, and Davos told him they're losing men. Melisandre the Twat says they should sacrifice Shireen. Stannis kicks her ass out.

Mereen: Tryion beats a slaver's ass. Jorah kills a bunch of people, and Dany and Tyrion finally meet. That sound you heard was a million show fans coming.

Castle Black: Aemon's death scene was so sad. Talking about Aegon and telling "Gillyflower" to go South. I nearly cried. Gilly gets attacked by two men, Sam stands up to them, though he's beaten. Ghost makes the save. I fucking love Ghost. Then Sam and Gilly make love and Sam says the line of the night: "Oh my!"

Dorne: God, that jail scene was cringe-worthy. Though Tyene is super hot and Bronn has a lovely voice. New Myrcella sucks. 

King's Landing: Olenna bringing the sass, Margaery bringing the sass, Cersei bringing the sass. Tommen even brought some sass (and now I feel bad for being pissed at him last week because he talked about loving Margaery.) King's Landing was on fire tonight. Littlefinger's proposal to Olenna is interesting. Who is the handsome man he has? It can't be Lancel, even though the scene was cut that way. He must have confessed his past sins prior. My mind went to Gendry. Perhaps they're going to use him as proof Tommen is a bastard? Make him lord of Storm's End to rally more troops to the Tyrell's? Who knows. 

Cersei's arrest was perfect. "Look at my face. This is going to be the last thing you see before you die."

Mike saying "kill me now" before going out to do his job is basically me. I can relate.

Poor Catherine and her ice cream.

Dan x Amy for life.


  1. It's sad and gross but what's saddest and grossest is that no one's really surprised.

  2. This is disgusting! I had a feeling something was off, and Josh always gave me the creeps, but I'm really waiting for the 'John David Serial Killer' news to break, because we all know that's coming.

    My wife HATES Josh...now I fear for his children.

    Also...which girls? You said you can figure it out from watching the show, but I don't pay that much attention to the ages...who?

    1. I fear for his children too. Pedo thoughts with no actual therapy can't just go away. Joy, Jinger, and Jessa are victims for sure. Jana I think is the other one, but with her and Jill being a year off it's hard to tell. There's a kid in the police report who says they weren't touched that to me sounds like Jill because she says so many party lines. There was some serious coaching going on in that report.

  3. Wow. This is insane. Couldn't imagine being either parent and essentially letting this slide. Ugh. Throw them in jail next to Josh. Guess that won't happen, statute of limitations and all. Double ugh. Btw, first thing I thought when I heard this , after pain for those kids, was what is Britt going to say? You've said it and I agree.

  4. I've been reading nonstop about this stuff all week. Now that the records are expunged, legally nothing happened, so TLC probably won't even cancel the show.

  5. I don't know what that show you mentioned is but holy hell are people messed up, Statue of limitation applies to pretty much everything, even murder, but I agree it's a very stupid thing that it exists when it comes to crimes this serious.

    Stannis being all sexed up nearly killed me but Melisandre being in the scene was ruining it for me. They really messed her up in the show I don't think thee is anyone who can see her as something other than psychopath.

    As for 'handsome man' someone pointed out on the board that if it wasn't Lancel they wouldn't show Lancel and LF talking in 'previously on' segment. But who knows, when it comes to LF the writing is all over the place

    1. Ahh, fuck. You're right about that. I just wanted it to be something more. Littlefinger can't take credit for Lancel.

      Yeah, I know everything has a statute of limitations, but I feel like for something like sexual assault it should be longer than a couple of years. Especially since victims sometimes take awhile to get the courage to talk. The annoying thing here is now that the records are all expunged, legally nothing happened, so they probably who knows what they'll do with their show. They haven't cancelled it yet.


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