Rambling TV: Thoughts on Game of Thrones, Agents of SHIELD + more

Game of Thrones

King's Landing - Cersei creates a religious army and has them storm brothels and eventually arrest Loras Tyrell. Margaery is pissed of course, and Tommen goes to try to free him, he chickens out because there's no way to do it without violence. She should've went with him. She had enough rage to probably get the job done.

Dorne - Jaime and Bronn head there to smuggle out Jaime's "....niece?" as Bronn puts it. There was this really great moment when they're on the ship that Jaime sees an island he mistakes for Estermont, but the captain tells him it's actually Tarth. He stares at it lovingly for a second thinking of Brienne. Later he says he wants to die in the arms of the woman he loves and I'm going to pretend that's all about Brienne and not Cersei. Later we meet the Sand Snakes, who were not as bad as I expected, but we only saw them briefly. Tyene has the worst wig I've ever seen on this show. Usually they're so believable.

Winterfell - Littlefinger tells Sansa the Harranhall tourney story, then after telling her he's bailing he pervs on her again and kisses her. Stahp. 

Castle Black - We had a beautifully touching moment between Stannis and Shireen that made me go "awwwww" Then later Melisandre tried to seduce Jon Snow. He denied her and was told "you know nothing." 

Meereen - *sighs* After Selmy tells Dany a nice little story about Rhaegar meeting with the people, Dany says he can go out to do just that. (After douche Daario says he can protect the queen himself) Soon the Sons of the Harpy attack Grey Worm and the Unsullied. They kill all the Unsullied except Grey Worm despite them supposedly being the best fighters in the world. Selmy shows up to help Grey Worm. He kills several, as he should, he has a reputation as a master swordsman, but is eventually stabbed himself. The final scene is of he and Grey Worm laying in the streets. UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I love Selmy. It sucks that D&D are killing him off so early. I suppose within the show, it makes sense because there is no Greyjoy army, which is what Selmy is about to deal with in the books. But it still hurts, and now Dany's story is going to be even more boring until Jorah and Tyrion show up.

RIP Barristan the Bold, beautiful cinnamon roll that was too good for this world, too pure.

Agents of SHIELD

So the big Avengers tie in was that they found Loki's scepter and alerted Maria Hill to call on the Avengers. There was also a Sokovia mention (twins!)

FitzSimmons talking about other people being in love again. They need to bone and get it over with.

Cal is such a fucking joke. Someone kill him now. Also Ward, you're still a dick.

19 Kids and Counting
This week in Fundie trainwrecks - J Boob and J'chelle thought they'd profit off their kids once again by filming Josie having a seizure. Of course they weren't home, so head sister mom Jana had to deal with all of this. When previews of this episode first came out, I figured J'chelle wasn't there because she wasn't trying to throw a blanket or something over Miracle because MODEST! (Remember her trying to wrestle a jacket onto this kid because her shoulders were showing?)

Then Michelle had the nerve to say seizures were "One of Josie's glitches." Bitch, you're making it sound like it's her fault she has seizures. Technically it's yours for having 19 fucking children and having a micro-preemie because your uterus couldn't take it anymore. Okay, maybe that's unfair. I don't care.

But one thing that isn't unfair, and is one of the huge problems with patriarchy. Jana was shown handling this situation from start to finish. She called 911, she very likely administered medicine, she was watching for vomit, but who does J Boob credit with saving Josie? Scott the director, who was just watching over what Jana was doing. She deserved the credit and got none because vagina. 

On a lighter note, I laughed pretty hard when the older girls were trying to say they like sharing a room with their younger sisters. No woman in their 20's wants to share a room with their 5,6,and 7 year old sisters. Until recently, some even had to share beds. Fuck that. 

The best part of this episode was Gary and Mike dropping a bunch of mini bottles of liquor in an Iranian airport. And last week when I felt bad for Dan, now I feel bad for Amy.


  1. Wow, 19 kids and counting...that's still going, is it?

    1. Yep. Still going, still providing me with shit to make fun of.

  2. I'm slowly losing the plot with GoT, I should have re-read the last book in the break between seasons because I can't remember what's even meant to be going on now!
    RIP Ser Barristan though :(
    - Allie

    1. The plot on the show is getting so far away from the books, so no worries if you can't remember. lol

  3. Considering how much the show is screwing over the portrayal of Cersei and Jaime I'm willing to bet that the woman he meant when he was talking about dying in her arms was really Brienne :)

    1. That's how I see it too. I will accept nothing less. lol


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