Rambling TV: Thoughts on Game of Thrones, and Trashy Reality TV Rants.

Game of Thrones

The Wall - Stannis is still being a grammar nazi. He has a sweet heart to heart with Sam though, and mentions is father. He doesn't call him a massive fuckwad though, to my disappointment. Jon pisses off all of the Night's Watch, and pretty much confirms that Olly will be "for the watching" later on in the show. (book spoiler) Melisandre gets one last eye fuck of Jon for the road.

Winterfell - Myranda is still fucking pointless but the scenes between Ramsay and Roose were golden. I love Roose Bolton. He's a slimy fuck but he's so interesting and watching him troll Ramsay was amazing. Sophie and Alfie were so good in their scenes together. As much as I hate this Sansa in Winterfell plot, I look forward to her scenes with Theon.

Mereen - Barristan is dead, Grey Worm is alive (and taking screen time with Missandei) Dany decides she's too pissed to remember what Barristan said about her father going mad and burning people, so she takes the leaders into the dragon basement and burns one of them. This scene was total fan service, but I loved it. She comes to her senses later.

Valeria - That scenery was gorgeous and the Stone Men were creepy, but I fucking HATE that Jorah is the one with greyscale now. I suppose this kills any lingering thoughts of Jon Connington coming on the show, but this just sucks. 


At the beginning of the episode I was like "Man, Amy is going to lose her shit." Then she actually lost it and quit?! WTF is this?

Agents of SHIELD
Oh no, Skye's crappy actor parents are BOTH bad. I did NOT see that coming. 

For a post Avengers episode, that was pretty boring and predictable. I hope the finale is better, and I hope both of Skye's parents are dead by the end of it. 

19 Kids and Counting
Jill's birth episode, which was a 2 hour special that only had 10 minutes devoted to the birth, the rest was filler, should've been titled "Everything that is wrong with the Duggars." Actually, I'd be willing to bet the reason it was edited down so much was because People Magazine released Jill's birth story prior to this episode airing and the overwhelming majority of people though Jill acted like an irresponsible idiot. 

The only bright spot from this episode was DerickDillard saying "I think Jill would enjoy a man shower. She'd want to come too." At their baby shower. LOL

But let's get to the wrong: 

Slow motion montages of Jim Boob and J'chelle making out and STILL TALKING ABOUT HAVING THEIR OWN CHILDREN. You're fucking done having babies. Deal with it. They also said over and over that spouses should be first in a marriage. No, your children should be. But you have daughters that raise your children, so I suppose you think this works perfectly.

Blurring Jill's knees during a pedicure. They blurred Michelle's knees when she went water skiing years before. How many men to you know that see knees and think "OMG, I need to go over there and rub my dick all over them." None. Knees are not sexual. (and neither are shoulder blades while we're at it, Duggars)

Now for the actual birth. Jill Duggar's arrogance put her and the life of her baby in danger. She's never been the sharpest tool in the shed, but this did prove that her "midwifery training" (I put that in parentheses because 1) She never completed her training, despite Michelle insinuating that she knows as much as doctors or nurses in this episode) she was training to be a lay midwife, which is not the same as a CNM, and oh, the person who trained her got her teaching license revoked.) didn't do much for her.

She labored at home for 48 hours. The show didn't mention that after her water broke, and she tested positive for group B strep, that she went out for a walk then out to a restaurant. This was all documented on her social media at the time. Then she casually mentions seeing meconium and says "that CAN indicate fetal distress, but it's not always an emergency." Uh, yeah, it's a big deal, Jill. I'm glad she actually went to the hospital at this point. But then it leads me to believe she was either A) dishonest about the time her water broke and/or didn't mention meconium at all or B) TLC is taking advantage of the hospital not being able to comment and staged filming because the Doctor says he will let her labor for a bit longer. Can you think of a doctor who would just "let it progress" if the water was broken 48 hours prior, saw meconium, and was already 2 weeks over?

 24 hours later, she gets an ultrasound and the suddenly the baby is transverse and breech. (which makes me wonder, did they check fetal position when she got there? If she had been truthful and said she was in labor for 48 hrs, they should have to make sure the baby wasn't breech. From my understanding it's very rare in first time birth for a baby to flip after being in the birth canal like that) C section time. (complete with J'chelle peeking over the curtain at every chance she can get)

All of this is so shoddy and I don't care if I'm being too hard on them.  What the actual fuck? Then the end of the episode Derick says "can we have another?" to Jill as they show off their 4 day old infant to her gigantic germ filled family. UGGGHHHHHHHH


  1. Never even heard of any of those shows at the top of the post, lol. Just an observation, but it seems like you're torturing yourself by continuing to watch the Duggars.

    1. I know I am, but I can't stop. I need to keep up with it so I'm aware when one of them escapes. lol I may just continue to read Duggar snark forums and stop watching the show itself.

  2. Oh Veep, finally a show I know (but am not current with, ha).

  3. How many men to you know that see knees and think "OMG, I need to go over there and rub my dick all over them." None.

    This is my favorite thing I've ever read...EVER!

    I didn't watch this episode...but everything you wrote is vastly more interesting than what they actually aired, I'm sure.

    1. Yeah, just go ahead and take my recap as Gospel. It works better. I'm so baffled by the stupidity of that episode I think I'm just going to read some Duggar recaps instead of actually watching the next one lol.

  4. I am cracking up over Wendell's comment about your torturing yourself by watching the Duggars (and your reply). The whole thing just sounds depressing to me, but I keep coming back and reading your recaps. Partly because I'm making a point to skip the GoT stuff (Spoilers!) but partly because I have a morbid fascination with religion and spirituality that's gone so wrong.

    I feel like a horrible person for even thinking this, but reading your post, it briefly crossed my mind that Jill let her labor go into dangerous territory because it makes better T.V. Surely not -- I don't actually believe that. But this whole reality T.V. thing is just so crazy -- I can't quite wrap my head around it all.

    1. No, I totally believe that. I think her father sees dollar signs instead of his own children at this point, and Jill is the biggest koolaid drinker of the family. I think she let her labor go that long because she was dead set on her fundie crunchy home birth and wanted it at all costs.

    2. Jesus Christ on a bicycle. What a hot mess. :-(

  5. I'm sure Amy will be back :D Plus it's not like what she said to Selina wasn't the truth Selina already knows ^^

    1. It's too bad she didn't get to punch that other girl on her way out. lol


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