Rambling TV: Better Call Kim, Drugs fix everything + more

Better Call Saul

This was hands down the best episode of Better Call Saul they've had this season. Maybe even for its entire run.

Not only did we have Mike in old school Breaking Bad style sabotage the Salamanca's truck in a big way, but we found out Nacho is on to him. It makes me wonder if this is the next step to "no fucks given" Mike. We know Mike doesn't like to leave people alive in Breaking Bad, but he has on this show. Is Nacho's warning what will push him into that territory?

The real star tonight was Kim. After she gets Mesa Verde back, Chuck goes on a whiny bitch rampage to prove that Jimmy doctored his paper work. I have to say, it gave me great joy to watch Chuck fail. It really did, I don't even care how terrible that sounds. But in a scene in Chuck's home where he explains to Kim, in front of Jimmy, what he did. You can tell Kim believes it, instead she turns it on Chuck, hands out a ton of truth and manages to make both Chuck AND Jimmy feel like shit by the end of it. It was perfect. And her warning to Jimmy later on the evening was big of her.

So we were left with a cliffhanger of Chuck, after having an episode, hitting his head. Does he survive it? I'm not sure. I don't think he will. Something has to push Jimmy over the edge to become Saul, this might be it. 

Agents of SHIELD

This week's episode had a bunch of flashbacks to Gideon as a child and how he screwed over his brother. He's also standoffish of FrankenWard because he saw the future and he's going to kill him, but that's didn't happen. Instead, FrankenWard takes on his brother's conscience (I think?) since he was also thrown through that moneleth. This gets super creepy when brother is possessing FrankenWard and he lays one on Gideon's daughter. Eww

May threw it down with Iron Chef guy and gave one of the best crotch kickings of all time. I'm legitimately bummed I can't find a gif of it. That was a thing of beauty. 

Am I the only one getting annoyed with Lincoln? You sent Bobbi and Hunter off to their own spin off but we get stuck with this dude? It's bad enough we have Daisy, who can barely carry a scene. But these two together, no thank you.


Vinyl's season finale was intense, but it makes me nervous for next season. Terrence Winter isn't going to be showrunner, and I'm afraid the show may suffer because of it.

I'm glad this show taught us the valuable lesson of how to get back on stage after nearly ODing on heroin......more drugs of course.

Richie and Zak witnessing a murder, Jamie getting "fired" from the Nasty Bits, Lester cracking one of the best dick jokes of all time, there was a lot going on here. I'm just surprised Devon wasn't in the episode at all, especially given how the previous one ended.

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