Rambling TV: Better **** Chuck, VIP Players clubs + more

I'm so glad The Walking Dead is over, none of my shows pissed me off this week. It's been so long.

Better Call Saul

While Mike continues to creep on the Salamancas, Jimmy is working hard to screw over Chuck.

Howard and Chuck took Kim's big clients away from her, so while Chuck is having a panic attack over his electricity allergy, Jimmy takes a bunch of his documents to a copy store and changes the addresses around. I feel almost as corrupt as Jimmy here. I should feel bad for a clearly mentally ill man being taken advantage of....

but I don't

Fuck Chuck.

Agents of SHIELD

After last week's spectacular filler episode, Mac sits this one out and we end up with an hour full of character development and plot advancements. That was nice. (And we also saw that damn space ship again)

Daisy encounters another InHuman, Charles,  that can make you see the future by touching you, and in those visions, someone always dies. It was profoundly sad to listen to this guy's wife talk about how he walked out on them because he knew he'd never be able to hold his baby girl without her crying because of the visions.

Malick also beat the shit out of Daisy before getting touched by Charles and (seemingly) seeing his own end. 

We saw Andrew again, still attempting to control what Lash does to him. He had some great scenes with May. There was also a sweet Fitzsimmons moment at the end. That has to be good, right?


Poor Jamie, she gets kicked out of her aunts apartment, takes a tumble down those stairs, and ends up having to stay with Kip. He's being surprisingly sweet about her homelessness too. I always get the feeling (until tonight) that he barely cares about Jamie. But he seemed to here.

Andrea comments at a staff meeting that she can get Hannibal to come back. Cece notably leaves the room, and it turns out later it's because she's pregnant with Hannibal's baby. This prompts Andrea to literally go on a "why are all the women that work here twats?" rant about Cece getting knocked up and Jamie sleeping with the lead singer of her first act. This was my only issue with a very good episode. I felt like there was a serious undertone of "WOMEN AMIRITE?!" that I just found kind of gross.

Especially when Andrea's point gets proven later on when Jamie has the most predictable threesome in TV history. 

Speaking of Richie, he was actually not an asshole in this episode. He had these sweet moments with his children, and then again with Cece when she told him her news. It was kind of surprising.

Zak gets a phone call at the end of the episode from the casino he and Richie stayed at in Vegas telling him he's a VIP member. When someone points out that you'd have to spend 50k to earn that, Zak puts the pieces together that Richie gambled away the money, hunts him down and punches him in the face. The episode ends with Richie confessing to Devon that he killed Buck Rogers. Olivia Wilde really nailed that scene, her facial expressions were horrifying and perfect.


I think SNL broke the record for the amount of times "vagina" was mentioned during a broadcast. They had Russell Crowe be a creepy perv in essentially every skit.

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  1. I DIED during the dating show skit. Crowe was LEGEND...like...the whole labia/clitoris moment was the best ever.

    "Student of genitals"


    1. I thought of you during that entire show. Twitter needed you that night. lol


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