Rambling TV: The Walking Cliffhanger, Agents of F.I.L.L.E.R + more

The Walking Dead

Well, we made it. The season finale of what I'm going back and forth on as being the worst season of TWD to date. (Season 4 was pretty terrible, it might still be worse, but this was terrible TV too)

And how does TWD reward you after it's hyped its new big bad all season? With a finale of filler and a massive cop out ending. I really hope critics and viewers continue to call out the show on their bullshit. The ended a lackluster season with a pathetic attempt to get big ratings for their season premiere, even though anyone following filming spoilers will know who the person is that died in May. It's too bad Negan can't bash all of our brains in for putting up with this show. I feel bad for everyone that doesn't read spoilers and didn't know this was coming. Gimple knew Negan was going to be the very last moment of this season, so he stalled, he dragged out stories, he gave come characters personality transplants and forced arcs that made zero sense all so we could build up to this moment where we don't even get the proper pay off. It kills the momentum not knowing who died. It's disrespectful to the actor to turn their final moments on this TV show into a gimmick.

Also Gimple, this better be rock bottom for Carol. I know you think it's awesome to take the woman that went from a domestic violence victim to a capable survivor and assassinate her character, service her for Morgan, shoot and stab her, and isolate her from her family, but this shit needs to stop. It's not good story telling. Just like it wasn't good story telling when you made Rick into Shane 2.0 during his Jessie story. Or when you skipped all of Carl's trauma over getting an eye shot out. Or when you gave Daryl yet another recycled man pain story. Or when you had Michonne kill a kid and not even think about it for another second. Or when you decided you weren't going to touch up on Glenn having to kill people for the first time at all. 

tl;dr fuck Scott Gimple.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is fine though. 

Better Call Saul

I just wanted to scream "Noooooooooooooooooo Kim" during this entire episode. That's the problem with prequels, knowing where certain characters end up makes things hard to digest at times. Mike's scenes with his daughter in law are heartbreaking because we know Mike dies and Kaylee doesn't get any of the money he was saving for her. Kim wanting to practice with Jimmy is a tough pill to swallow because he is going to become Saul.  It doesn't make the show any less good, but it can be slightly frustrating.

Agents of SHIELD

This is the first episode of this show that I've disliked in a while. It was pure filler. While I like Mack, and was happy to learn a bit of who he is outside of SHIELD, nothing happened in this episode. All the important stuff was just kind of tossed in towards the end. 


Devon, get your shit together.

Actually, everyone on this show, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. 

Except you, Lester. You good. 

Rambling TV is a weekly series where I ramble semi coherently about the things I've watched on television. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers. This week's post was brought to you by pure, unadulterated hatred and wine. The two other things besides movies that fuel me. 


  1. Walking Dead really pissed me off this season. I heard at the very start of the season that Negan was finally going to make an appearance this season and watched all boring 16 episodes just to finally see him. And I must say my eyes lit up when I saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan come out of that RV with a baseball bat and I really did love every second of his 10 minute screentime. I was even ready to forgive this entire season until that massive cop out of an ending. Really, really disappointed what Gimple has made this show into. The Glen fakeout was worse enough and now this.

    Hope Jeffrey Dean Morgan presence alone changes Season 7. But they really need to get rid of Gimple. He's really bringing this show down

    1. They do. At the most, Gimple should just be a writer. I'll give him credit there, he has written some of my favorite episodes. But he's a terrible show runner. He should be demoted.

  2. I kept going back to the beginning of the post because holy shit, man, he is gorgeous. Have you seen him in anything before? I am hoping at the very least he gets a big break here and some offers he was always bringing A game and yet he was given so few good movies and roles to be in. Thankfully even those who hated the episode - which seems to be overwhelming majority - really enjoyed his performance

    1. I hope the hates flows through everyone. lol. I've seen a lot of his film work, but I never watched Grey's Anatomy or The Supernatural. When he was cast as Negan, I thought it was a really good choice based on how he played the Comedian in The Watchmen.

  3. I've been giving The Walking Dead a pass for a while because I actually quite liked this season - the first half wasn't bad and since it came back in February, I've enjoyed pretty much every episode. But the cliffhanger? What a cop out. Seriously, what a shit ending. We could all see it coming too. I mean think about it - the next season either picks up at that exact moment and the 'shock' of who dies in lost entirely, or they jump forward in time and skip replaying the death scene, ruining an iconic moment in the comic book. Like you said, people will find out who died before October anyway - it's not like they can Zoe Barnes this one.

    1. lol I can't make excuses for TWD any more. They won't change unless they take a hit in the ratings.


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