Indie Gems: Deathgasm

That's so metal.

After his mother is institutionalized, Brodie (Milo Cawthrone) is sent to live with his religious aunt and uncle in a small New Zealand down. He's into metal music and is an outcast with his family. One day he meets Zakk (James Blake) a fellow metal head who convinces him to find an old musician with him living in an abandoned house. When they do, they are given some sheet music that's called the "dark hymn" and when they play it, they accidentally release evil demons. 

I love a good campy horror film with lots of gore, and in that aspect, this didn't disappoint. It's vulgar and gross and works perfectly. There's some clear homages to the Evil Dead trilogy as we get quite a bit of chainsaw action later on. Our lead characters even get more outlandish and beat a possessed person to death with dildos. Seriously. 

Story wise, it could've used some polishing. Zakk is overwhelmingly irritating to the point where I was kind of wishing he'd just disappear. There's also a subplot involves some members of an occult that are after the boys and the sheet music they possess. They're not fleshed out, and for half of the movie you kind of forget they even exist until they show up again towards the end.

Being a small film from New Zealand, I wasn't familiar with the cast, but Cawthrone did a great job carrying this film. It was easy to root for Brodie, even when he's making mistakes.

Grade: B

Watched on: Netflix Instant

Memorable Quote: "All caps. Lower case is for pussies." - Zakk (James Blake)


  1. I woke up way before anyone in my house this morning and very nearly watched this, but chose something else at the last minute. Ironic. Sounds like I should've went with this one.

    1. You should've! But It's still there for you to choose again. :)

  2. I never wake up before anybody, but I'm pretty sure I should watch this immediately.

    (oh, and that quote, even without context, is f--king awesome)

    1. It's even better with context because it's such an emo teenager thing to say. I think you'll dig this. I hope you watch it!


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