Indie Gems: In Secret

How dare you disrupt my extramarital affair!

Therese's (Elizabeth Olsen) life kind of sucks. She's orphaned at a young age, sent to live with her Aunt Raquin (Jessica Lange) and her sickly cousin, Camille. (Tom Felton) Now Madam Raquin babies her son excessively, then when they come of age, she decides to marry Therese to her cousin and move them to Paris. It doesn't help that Therese is very sexually curious, and her husband is well...sickly and her cousin. She ends up having an affair with one of his friends, Laurent (Oscar Isaac) and it ends up having dangerous consequences.

I should start by admitting my stupidity. While I was watching this, I kept thinking to myself, especially towards the end, that "man, this reminds me of the non vampire version of Thirst" Well, turns out they were adapted from the same book. I never knew that, but seeing as I liked Thirst, I feel justified in my pick.

Did I mention I put this movie in my Netflix queue because I saw a bunch of gifs from Isaac and Olsen's sex scenes online? Well I did, and there's lots of it, so another point for me. Watching a move purely for sex scenes can turn out to be a good decision. That's all I was expecting from it, and I was generously rewarded. This got terrible critic reviews, which I don't think is really fair. Sure, it's messy at times, but it's a decent enough costume drama to pass the time.

Lange is such a great actress. She's a powerful force here, and Tom Felton is very good as well. Our leads have great chemistry, although their accents aren't very believable. It's worth seeing for the actors alone.

Grade: B-

Watched on: Netflix DVD

Memorable Quote: "When were you going to discuss this with me?" - Therese (Elizabeth Olsen)


  1. How, HOW did an Oscar Isaac movie with sex scenes aplenty pass under my radar?! I need to get my hands on this movie like, now. Please don't judge me, I'm sure I'll enjoy the plot too, haha.
    - Allie

    1. I watched it for that reason alone so who am I to judge?

  2. That is one of the reasons why I watch films, for the sex scenes. Back when I was a teenager, I would stay up late to watch films basically just to see boobies as sometimes. The softcore goodies of the day weren't on as there would be some of these other films that were on and they were very different which I ended up enjoying. That's how I sort of discovered the indie film.

    1. lol I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets shameless about it sometimes.


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