Rambling TV: Thoughts on Westworld, TWD, Agents of SHIELD + more

The Walking Dead
How I felt during this episode. 

Oh my god this episode was boring. Did it really need an entire hour devoted to it? They could've summed up the Saviors and how the run shit in 5 minutes. I don't understand why Gimple gives boring characters like Dwight, Beth, and the Governor episodes all to themselves? It's a waste of time. They shouldn't be playing "Easy Street" on a loop for Daryl, they should be showing him this episode over and over again. 


No Dolores and William this week. Instead we spent most of our time with Mauve, Bernard, and Elsie.

Let's start with Mauve, who was glorious in this episode. Flex explains how she works, and even takes her on the world's most paranoid office tour. She's shocked to see her "dreams" on the screen. When Felix's colleague returns and threatens to turn him into HQ, Mauve puts a scalpel to his throat and talks him into helping her. He and Felix change her coding at her request. They'll regret that later, I'm sure.

Bernard gets dumped by Theresa, so fuck her. She doesn't deserve him. He and Elsie are still hard at work trying to figure out who planted that transmitter. Bernard goes to a floor so secret they don't even let electricians in to fix their blinking lights, apparently. He figures out where the signal is coming from, and Elsie finds the time stamp on it and discovers a computer hidden in a secret part of the park. As Bernard is about to tell Theresa something is off, Elsie calls him and tells him that she's been one of the people setting off the hosts. She and Arnold. Someone suddenly grabs Elsie from behind and I'm over here having a heart attack because I was so afraid someone was going to kill her.

The Man in Black and Teddy didn't accomplish a whole lot, but Teddy shot a fuck load of people and that's probably the most interesting thing he's done all season.

Tessa Thompson also made her debut in this episode. She was my favorite part of Creed. I can't wait to see what more she does here. 

Bernard, while still looking for more answers happened upon some old hosts that Dr. Ford keeps aside to live out his fantasies, essentially. Right down to that dog story he told Bernard before. However, the episode ends with the host dog dying, and the host boy telling Bernard that Arnold told him to kill the dog. I almost felt bad for Ford there. Almost.

Agents of SHIELD

This week we finally got Reyes' backstory on how he became the Ghost Rider. I have to say, for an ABC show the CGI in this episode was quite incredible, especially the shot of Robbie flying out of the car. Of course we finally got a glimpse of Johnny Blaze, although not his true face. The only thing that ruined it was Daisy interjecting herself into the big reveal. If SHIELD gets picked up for another season, I really hope she dies in this one.

The big twist was that Robbie's uncle is actually the evil one, and these ghosts are his fault. I wasn't crazy about that, though I loved the "dark matter" mention. I miss Agent Carter. 

Fitz and Simmons being split apart again is annoying, hopefully they get a good reunion scene out of it. 

Other TV News

Is it just me or was SNL fucking weird this week? That dead grandma sketch was just uncomfortable, even with adding the Cubs in there. Bill Maher finally got to interview President Obama on Real Time, that was a treat. It's too bad he couldn't be in the studio but I'm glad Maher finally got his interview. 

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  1. Westworld was great as I was glad to hear not one but... 2 Radiohead songs "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Motion Picture Soundtrack" as it was fitting for those moments with Maeve as Thandie Newton is on her A-game. I hope Elsie doesn't die, I like her a lot.

    1. It took me forever to place "Motion Picture Soundtrack" that instrumental version was beautiful. I'll legit cry if Elsie dies. I love her.

  2. I just cannot wait for next Westworld! and judging from those tumblr gifs I see on my dashboard TWD is just getting dumber and dumber

  3. I hate Easy Street because I'm ridiculously addicted to it. Probably the only redeeming thing about the TWD episode last week and that's not saying much. :/


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